Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Hi, this is the home page of Jennifer Campbell, Erotica writer and slave. I have written seven books to date, and you can peruse excerpts, blurbs, and special stuff for all of them here. I hope this site will become a resource for my readers, not only for my books, but for information about submission.

As a submissive female, I put my feelings into my characters, but I also use my Master, Jack, as a resource on the dominant point of view in certain situations. Hopefully, this gives my books a realistic yet still fantasy appeal which my readers will like.

Readers can reach me with comments or suggestions at the following addresses

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PItfalls Of Desire: Winston

Saturnia: Book 4 of the Ranexx Series

Submission Island

Juliana's Dream: Book 3 of the Ranexx Series

Evolution: Book 3 of the Mansion Series 

My Book Covers

Two To Serve  Book II of the Mansion Series

Virgelina's Torment  Book I of the Ranexx Series

Decima Rising  Book II of the Ranexx Series

Allison's Training   Pony Girl Fantasy

Deirdre's Tale   Historical Erotic Submission

Coming January 12th A Step Too Far