Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Two To Serve Blurb and Excerpts



Having been accepted into the dedicated cadre of slavegirls who serve Keefe Murdoch in the Mansion, Jennifer now undergoes her taking, where she is kidnapped from the very steps of her condo by her Masters employees. Tested in all ways before she is granted the mysterious silver metallic collar which all Mansion slaves wear, she is drawn in by the beauty and elegance of her surroundings. Jennifer eagerly signs the next two years of her life away in a slave contract to serve and obey, but Mansion life is not as simple as she thinks it will be. Challenges and mysteries unfold before as she strives to understand and complete her novice training to be paired with the beautiful first slave, Gail. Will Jennifer find what she seeks without losing what she has, or will Mansion life prove too much for her?


Except 1

My harnessing came next, and it was the same as Gail’s save for my head harness had black, plastic blinders on each side of the bridle, cutting off any peripheral vision I might have used. Clearly, new mares were discouraged from being distracted by whatever sights the Mansion grounds had to offer. When my breasts were pulled through the tight metal rings of my chest strap, I realized just how uncomfortable it was, but I took it stoically, as Gail had.   

Before Padraig could do more, Master returned bearing long cords with clamps attached. Instantly, I had a feeling we would not like the use to which he put these thin black cords. As Padraig cuffed our wrists behind our backs, Master snapped clamps to our breasts and slung the cords through holes in our bridles on each side of our heads. Even with limited vision, I instinctively knew these would be our reins, so Master could control us intimately through our tender, stuffed nipples. 

            Padraig made one last painful connection showing me the true function of the two chains with claps that hung down over my ass. Slipping them between my legs, he attached a clamp to each of my labia lips, and then I heard a snap. Was that the reins being intimately attached to my pussy lips? I must have jumped, shocked at the thought of being reined by my tender sex, for Padraig spoke reassuringly to me.

“Don’t worry too much, pretty one, the pussy connection has extra slack, so your lips won’t me pulled unless your Master pulls his reins really hard. He won’t do that unless one of you is a very unruly mare.”

            “Now that you’re harnessed like a mare, Jen, it’s time to make you official.”

It was Master’s voice, coming from right behind me, and I wonder what ‘officially’ becoming a mare meant. With no further words, I felt hands spreading my bottom cheeks and I screamed through my bit, as large butt plug of some type was thrust deep into my rectum. Beside me, I heard Gail gasp and assumed she was receiving the same treatment.

“Oh, if only you could see yourself now, Jen. I see a harnessed mare with a lovely raven mane, and matching tail plug. Truly a thing of beauty, and teamed with a golden mare of equal loveliness.” Almost as a decorative afterthought, Padraig attached two fake horse ears, perfectly upright as an attentive horse’s would be, to our heads. In between them, he snapped a brightly- colored, feather plume with softly jingling bells to the tops of our heads. Indeed, we must be a beautiful team. I wished I could step back and see us together.

            Master climbed into the carriage and gave an authoritative yank on the reins, which produce a sharp rippling pain in our constricted, clamped mounds. We struggled to get the carriage started from a standstill. Straining and grunting in our efforts, we received a helpful push from Padraig.

            Once we got started, things got easier as far as the pulling, but the clamps on my pussy showed their true colors. It seemed they did not need Master’s pull to torment me, as the simple churning action of my thighs jogging pulled on the clamps painfully. Yet, I was a slave, and pain was half my world, the currency with which I paid for my submission. Accepting this, I raised my head high and proud, and took in as much as I could see of the grounds, lit by a mixture of torch and electric light.

The beauty of the sculptured shrubbery, colorful flowers, and variety of plant life made me feel insignificant in the scheme of things here. Feeling a tug on my left breast only, I got the point to turn left as a stand of manicured Juniper bushes was straight ahead. After the turn, I saw a huge spouting fountain, in a pool of shimmering water with the whole company of my sister slaves standing nude beside it. As we approached the fountain head on, the ring of slavegirls parted, and Gail and I drew the carriage right to the pool. 

            The sight was truly sublime. Alicia and Angel were strapped to clear plastic posts rising out of the fountain water. The posts were so clear that they were indeed hard to make out in the evening light, so the lovely lush bodies appeared to be standing on the water with legs spread. With their heads bent inward slightly, so they were looking at each other as lovers would, their nubile bodies were soaked as they were assaulted by gushing fountain water flowing up between their legs.

            As their smooth bodies glistened in the clear water, I realized the fountain jets had been set precisely to spurt on their clits. As any woman knows who has showered with a massage attachment, the pulsing jets of warm water gushing up from underneath them were giving them orgasm after orgasm. Sighing and moaning at the pleasurable bondage, both slaves had beatific looks on their faces.

            Assuming my sister slaves were getting as sexual aroused watching the pair as I was, I wondered if there would be more erotic sights to see. It was then something brushed against my faux horse tail, and very quickly powerful hands reached around me and unclamped my nipples. Booking no disobedience, the hands then pushed me forward me forward over the crossbar and ripped out the anal plug in what seemed like one shocking movement.

Master’s cock or at least I assumed it was, thrust deep into my slave cunt, taking possession of its property. Feeling as the mare does when the stallion takes her suddenly, I let a naked scream of pure submission and raw need. Those of my sisters that could applauded as our Master rutted in my hole, using me over this delectable assortment of slave flesh, from whom he could have chosen. Was this his way of announcing to my sister slaves that their future first slave had arrived, and would someday rule over them?

Unsure and blissfully ignorant of any statement he might be making, I let myself be just a slave, a sheath for her Master’s shaft to find pleasure in. There amongst the sounds of the spurting water, and the orgasmic gasps of Alicia and Angel, I too climaxed, nearly losing consciousness with the overwhelming force of my orgasm. As Gail and I jogged back to the barn, Master’s semen ran down my inner thighs, but I was the proudest slave in the mansion.


Excerpt 2

           Standing on the busy, city sidewalk, I waited for my life to return. My heart had risen to my throat when I came out of the building and the limo was not there. However, a glance at my Rolex showed me I was quite early. Quarter to three. So I should have been calm, yet I paced, fidgeted, and worried about the limo returning with my sacred collar. What would happen if it was they who were delayed by some unforeseen consequence? Would I be left abandoned by a bad traffic jam? By the time I actually saw the long, black messenger of joy pull up and double park in front of my building, I was frenzied and telling myself I could not take this awful chance again.

            I reached toward the door handle, but the door opened for me. Pushing myself into the huge seating area, I seated myself across from David and Glen, making sure my legs were open and my skirt pulled up. Unbuttoning my blouse, I exposed my breasts and bowed my head to my Master’s representatives. Relief rushed through me. I am here now, inside the limo and ready to be collared, so everything will be all right.

            Seeing that David held my open collar, I addressed him with slave deference. “Please, Mr. Red, may this slave have my collar placed back on her neck, so she will be ready to receive it?”

            In a voice almost gleeful, David denied me. “No you may not, for you are not ready to receive it.”

            Confusion reigned supreme in my mind. What can be amiss? My pussy is naked and exposed, as are my breasts. I bowed my head to them and spoke with deference. I don’t understand.

            In desperation for the answer my chocolate eyes pleaded with Glen, for I knew he would be merciful.

            “What my colleague means is the simple fact you still wear the clothes. As you are done work for the day, you must return your body to the natural naked state of a Mansion slave to receive your collar.”

            Callously, with the intent to create terror, David added. “Tick, tock, tick, tock, times ticking away.”

            Glancing down at the borrowed Rolex, I saw it was six past three, and I had four minutes to strip. What sort of fool had I been?

            Fairly ripping off the blouse, I wriggled out to the skirt in record time and slipped the hose off my legs. Pausing briefly to toss shoes and Rolex into the small pile of unneeded clothes, I made a show of presenting my body to the cruel David. Hands on the seat, I pushed my crotch up near his face, arching my back to present my intimate parts. If nothing else, I finally managed to extract a positive compliment from him.

            “Well done, slave. Remember this position, as I shall expect you to assume it every day upon your return.” He touched my pussy, feeling my nearly perpetual wetness.

            “David, she is in position and naked; don’t withhold the collar.” Glad for Glen’s reminder to his crueler half, I could have easily imagine the collar snapping shut as he played with my pussy. Would that have been my fault?

            Feeling the cool silver metal against my throat again was one of the best feelings, and I waited perhaps ninety seconds while David’s pussy play became painful, to feel it safely snap shut, snug to my neck. A Mansion slave once again, I cared not how much David pinched my clit of tormented my labia lips, for I was home from work.


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