Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Saturnia: Book 4 of the Ranexx Series

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Saturnia is the pivitol book of the Ranexx Series where the true nature of Ranexx is first revealed. This male dominated land is not the whole world as they once believed, but can male Emperors live in peace with a society so dramatically different than their own. Join the slave girl Saturnia and her Master Titus on a journey to discover both their destinies. 


Here is an excerpt from Saturnia when she first discovers how truly different this new world is.

After sleepless moons, they started off at suns rise climbing the steepest grade so far and Saturnia knew this was the mountain of their destination where she would met the older wiser female and learn about her destiny. Yet even now, she felt a presence in the mountain possessing a power she had little understanding of. Near to suns set, they arrived at a small clearing, where the rocky cone of the peak rose sharply into the clouds and it was impossible to climb further at least as far as Saturnia could see. Telos stopped and pointed to the entrance of a cave and Saturnia’s head heard the voice again.

The slaves can go no further, Saturnia, but the stairway inside the cave will lead you to the Altar of Erios here in the outcast lands. Come, daughter of Felicia, enter and claim your heritage. I am Zeldra, Priestess of these cursed lands and I have been waiting a long time to find you.

At last Saturnia had a name to associate with the voice, but she wondered could Titus come.

As if thinking was speaking, Zeldra answered her question. Yes, you may bring your male. He too must learn.

Saturnia now stood alone outside the cave with Titus. “The voice says we must enter, both of us, and climb the stairs to an altar. Will you come, Titus?”

“As I said, I will follow you, but I think we should change our appearance now, before we present ourselves to this woman. You are still naked, Saturnia, with the collar and cuffs of a slave and I am fully clothed. Don’t you think it’s time to appear as we are now?”

Saturnia was embarrassed to watch Titus strip off his legion robes and they felt heavy and uncomfortable on her. She decided to wear only the red and black tunic as it covered her privates adequately. When he donned her collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and stood naked before her with his manhood rising, she wanted to either laugh or jump on top of him to ride his manhood. She had to resist the urge mightily.

For his part, Titus was red-faced, but he endured the embarrassment of his cock rising to his condition. “I’m your slave now so I should ask if this is permitted.” He touched his hard shaft and smiled.

Saturnia had an epiphany of what an incredible leap Titus had made; from arrogant, militarily trained Ranexxian male who used slaves to trusting her to enslave him. “It is permitted, I like to see you erect in my presence. You have done so much, Titus, but your devotion will be repaid.”

As Saturnia climbed what seemed like thousands of smooth stone stairs which spiraled up inside the mountain, she delighted to the sight of Titus’ naked ass walking in front of her. By the light of hanging fire lamps, she could see his body move in her red legion collar and black cuffs and she began to appreciate his nakedness. Is this how Masters looked at us? It is truly hard to resist a sexy body you may have as you desire.

Looking down at the smooth stone steps she considered, did slaves carve them out with stone and metal tools, or is there some greater power at work here? They seemed too finely cut and well formed to have been made with primitive tools used by slaves.

Longing to talk to Titus as they walked, Saturnia held back because she was not sure if Zeldra would hear all that was said. If the woman could speak in her mind, she might be able to do anything and she did not want her relationship with Titus threatened in this new world. It is strange, but perhaps I am more dependent on him now when he is my slave than I was when he was my Master.

Finally the steps stopped and Saturnia cautiously took the lead as they entered a large room carved out of the rock yet seemingly light by the suns. Instinctively, they both looked up to see where the light came from and their eyes beheld the twin suns of Ranexx showing clearly through a clear crystal of some kind which covered the entire roof of the room.

Again the wise old voice intruded into Saturnia’s head. Over here, Saturnia, come and let me look upon a face lost for so many generations. There was a slight noise from the front of the great room, near a stone altar. Saturnia took Titus’ hand and lead him to the altar, but all there was behind the stone alter was a statue of an old woman. Staring at the statue, Saturnia marveled at how lifelike the features were and how wise and kind the woman’s face looked. Despite the obvious foolishness of speaking to a stone statue, she could not help but ask out loud. “Zeldra, is it you?”

Yes, kiss me so I may touch and feel you?

 Afraid, Saturnia looked at Titus. “The voice says to kiss the statue.”

Titus drew in breath and replied. “Then I would do so, Mistress. We must meet this woman whose voice is in your head if we are to fulfill your destiny.”

Saturnia was amazed at how much faith he had, but she turned to the statue and asked. “Zeldra, how can you be made of stone and speak to me?”

I am at rest which appears to your eyes as if I am made of stone, Saturnia. Kiss me and I shall awaken.

Unsure but needing to see such a miracle happen with her own eyes, Saturnia bent forward and kissed the lips of the statue. For a second there was a blinding white flash and Saturnia saw images tumbling through her head. They faded quickly, but the last image she held onto; a palace built of shimmering, light blue crystal with a tall silver-haired woman standing on a balcony overlooking the grounds. Saturnia saw tears on the woman’s cheeks and sadness in her eyes and she knew this was her ancestor Felicia.

The statue came to warm and happy life and Zeldra returned her kiss passionately. “Welcome, daughter of Felicia, we have searched long and hard for a descendent of the first priestess and now you are found. Thanks to the Goddess and High Priestess Nessa will be so pleased. Even more important to me, I can finally rest, slumbering in the arms of the Goddess, my mission complete.” Her face wrinkled and leathery, but with a bright smile, Zeldra spoke the last words with a sense of overwhelming relief. Saturnia could not help but feel her relief.