Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Pitfalls Of Desire: Winston

Winston Denning is a rich CEO who has four women wrapped around his finger. His wife Victoria lives in virtual slavery to him and is about to be condemned to a life as a stripper. His maid Gina and his corporate assistant Cassidy are but sex toys to him and worst still he keeps a former college friend Tanya in forced chastity. Winston certainly has the women in his live under control, but what if they find out about each other and band together for revenge. Pitfalls of Desire tells the story of what happens when Victoria Denning and her newfound sisters stand up and take control turning the tables on her husband in a most bizarre and sexual way.

Here is an excerpt from Pitfalls of Desire.

As Victoria watched a huge-breasted platinum blonde gyrating on stage completely nude, she wondered what sort of women worked at Club Delight. As usual, Sammy, Manny’s muscular bouncer was keeping her waiting to see his boss, but Vicky was sure the delay was more to check out her body than anything else. As she waited, she got to see another girl come out and give a very intimate, very public, lap dance to a not-so-appealing customer. Vicky couldn’t believer what these girls put up with and since she had her suspicions it was more than what she saw, she cringed for them. If I ran Denning Enterprises, I wouldn’t be associated with this place, unless it was to help get these poor girls out of here.

Finally Sammy passed her into Manny’s office, but he followed her in which always made Vicky nervous. Manny smiled at Vicky, his tawny skin making his smile more noticeable, but no less perverted. “Ah, our rich bitch comes with more papers to sign, Sammy. Don’t you think Victoria would look awesome shaking her booty up on our stage?”

Sammy, not one for conversation, simply nodded, giving Vicky a grin which made her want to leave.

“It will never happen, boys, never. Now do you want to sign these papers or shall I just go?” Vicky knew she had to be assertive with Manny or bad things could happen to her here.

Manny rolled his eyes. “Easy, girl, just playing wit you. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” He turned and went to the small mini-bar at the far end of his office. “Shot of Tequila, Sammy?”

The bouncer nodded anxiously.

“And you, Victoria, anything to drink? Why don’t you open the packet, you should definitely read what’s inside.” Manny poured a shot of Tequila for both he and Sammy still waiting for an answer from Vicky.

Something’s wrong! Really wrong, I’ve never opened the packet before. He’s always open them, signed and put the papers back. Why does he want me to look at the papers?

Feeling the tension, Vicky undid the clasp on the manila envelope and found it had several blank sheets of paper inside to give it bulk, but only one page had anything printed on it. Glancing at the top of the printed page Vicky saw her name and it filled her with apprehension. Why would Winston send me here to open a letter from him to me?

“Go ahead, read it, Victoria, and I’ll pour you a double shot. You might need it when you’re through.” Manny followed with a soft but sinister laugh, and Sammy was ginning ear to ear.

Vicky read, knowing it couldn’t be good.


This is a solid opportunity to get you some worthwhile employment you can support yourself with after our divorce, so you’ll understand I had to take full advantage of it. Manny is willing to hire you for Club Delight, despite your lack of experience providing sexual services. He’s willing to train you, but due to the nature of his business he has to see his employees. By that I mean all of his employees. So today we’ll be doing a simple strip and show for Manny and likely Sammy too. Then he’ll sign at the bottom and I’ll consider your first on-the-job training session complete. Of course, if you get all indignant and walk out without Manny’s signature you know what happens. We’ll be taking the future sessions slowly at first. You’ll learn to dance nude, give a top notch lap dance, how to give good hand and blow jobs, deep-throat, and of course fucking, and as you gain experience we’ll go speed the lessons up so you can begin working as soon as possible. Enjoy, bitch, because I’ll be moving on to a new wife and mistress, but I might come to visit you at the club from time to time.

Your loving hubby,


Vicky’s mind was still a blur when Manny handed the double shot to her. She was not a Tequila drinker, but considering what she would have to do in the next few moments and what her future looked like, Vicky belted down the liquor.

It was a blur of tears, shame, and complete humiliation as Victoria Denning shed every stitch of her expensive clothing. When she slid down her blue silk panties for the two grinning men she thought she would surely die of embarrassment, but as they feasted their eyes on her nubile body Vicky understood something she hadn’t before. I have to do something, or Winston’s going to make me into one of these stripper-whores and I can’t let that happen.

Manny reached out and touched the downy soft, neatly trimmed hair of her pussy and she shivered but reacted defensively.

“Strip and show the letter said, not touching.”

“So it did, Victoria, so it did.” He put up his hands feigning innocence. “Guess we’ll have to wait till at least next week, Sammy, to squeeze those melons and rub that snatch, but it’ll come. Just like the day she gets on her knees and gives us our first blowjobs, but she doesn’t know about you, does she? Care to show her.” Manny nodded at his employee.

Vicky’s senses barely stretched to accommodate what Sammy unfurled from his pants. The word flagpole came to mind and she knew she couldn’t let this get to the point where his huge flesh pole was forced inside her tender body.

“Alright, I’ve stripped and showed. Are you going to sign?” Vicky tried to be as assertive with Manny as she dared.

“Sure, baby, I’ll let you loose, but remember this. You’re not just gonna work the club; you’re gonna be my number one girl, meaning you service my needs in addition to working your shift. Turn that over and over in your little bitch mind.” Manny turned and signed the letter tossing it on the floor at Victoria’s feet.

Grabbing the letter, Vicky dressed as fast as she could and hurried toward the front door, but she was stopped to by the platinum blonde she had seen on stage earlier.

“It wasn’t that bad was it, Vicky? Oh I know it’s embarrassing at first, but in a few months you’ll be doing it all. It’ll be nice to see high class ass like you bumping and grinding and sucking the cocks of these fat bastards.”

Vicky was incensed. How did this woman even know her name? “Pardon me, but it won’t happen and how do you know my name?”

“Manny told us all you would be joining us, two weeks ago. Don’t give me shit, bitch, it’ll happen, it always does even if you fight it.”

Vicky couldn’t believe it, this had been planned for two weeks and all the girls at Club Delight had been told to expect her. It’s fucking diabolical, but it’s just like my bastard husband. Vicky turned to leave, not even caring to respond to the woman, but the girl had other ideas.

“We shouldn’t fight, the job is hard enough. Feel free to ask me for tips when you start. You know; fluttering your eyelashes while you look up at them with their cock in your throat, or holding open your asshole during a lap dance to tempt them to fuck you there later. I know all the sweet moves you’ll need to learn.”

Vicky simply walked out, her mind incapable of dealing with the probability of her needing those skills. I have to do something to stop this, but what? 


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