Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Fulfillment: The Final Book Of The Mansion Series

After leaving the Mansion in search of her perfect Master, Jennifer Campbell finds herself in the cruel hands of a domineering Mistress, Rosemary, but there is no sign of the man she thought she was coming to Jamaica to see, her lover Lionel Aldridge. While forcing bondage, punishment, and sexual excesses on Jennifer, Rosemary tells her she will see Lionel again if she obeys perfectly. Unsure but with hope, Jennifer obeys and soon she is off on a globe trotting odyssey of submission and sex which will bring her close to a hellish fate. When she finally does see Lionel, she has more anger than hope and she make a terrible mistake. Poised on the edge of despair, Jennifer prays fate will reach out and rescue her, but will it happen before it is too late.

Here is an excerpt from Fulfillment

“Excellent, slaves always do best when they admit what they are. Now what do we have for you?” She began to paw through the items hanging at the back of the closet and I noticed none of them were what could be described as covering. There was lingerie and slinky, tight, short skirts with sheer tops all designed to reveal all. Eventually she pulled out a see through black lace teddy and held it up to me. There were no panties, not that I expected there would be.

“This will do fine. It will show you off with a bit more allure than you natural condition. It won’t stay on long anyways.” She tossed it on the floor in front of me and I put it on.

The effect this scrap of sheer clothing had on me was rather astounding. I had not worn real clothes since I had stripped in the Mansion limo for Gordon as he escorted me to Logan Airport to board Lionel’s jet. I was still enslaved to this cruel Mistress and likely today I would perform a myriad of carnal acts, but somehow wearing this I felt like a woman again.

Rosemary chose and slinky red dress which was flattering on her angular body by accentuating the curves she did have. As she stripped and dressed in front of me I wanted to ask her about her body and how she had come to it, but I was afraid such a question might anger her. When she was finally dressed and decorated with a fresh coat of lipstick she turned to me. “Go to the front door. As my guests arrive you will greet each one of them by kissing the head of his cock. Just give the cock a kiss for now to show how much you desire it. There are eight male guests and once they are all greeted in this manner you will go to the kitchen to begin serving snacks and beer to them all.” She stopped, but then she added. “No stupid mistakes, bitch. Remember you are still hobbled so if you try to run you will be tracked down and captured. If you think I’ve been a rough on you until now, just try escaping and you’ll find out what hell really is.”

I had little question escape was impossible as I hobbled to the front door and waited for her guests to arrive. One by one, I offered eight black cocks homage as they entered the beach house. None of them seemed surprised to be greeted by a near naked collared woman who kissed their cock which led me to believe they were used to coming here and receiving sexual service from a slave. How many women had perhaps been here before me and where were they now?

I had to admit kissing the cocks got me aroused, but when it was over I went to the kitchen and found snacks to serve and the refrigerator was full of Red Stripe which was strange because it hadn’t been when I got the eggs from it earlier. I worked quickly to get the snacks into bowls and to the dining room table where the men had seated themselves. Rosemary was amongst them sharing in their banter and I noticed they all had placed cash on the table. There was also a deck of cards and I figured the game would be poker, but would it be for cash or other things?

I hurried back to the kitchen to get a tray and nine Red Stripes which I left in the bottles since we did not have enough glasses. After I served the beer, Rosemary spoke to me. “Time to take your teddy off. I can see their stacks, so they should see mine. Come over and kneel beside me.”

Despite not understanding the first part of what she said, I stripped off immediately and took my place at her feet. Anxious to understand what was going on, I looked up at the table and notice my Mistress was the only one without a stack of cash in front of her. Wait, she had said stack when she referred to seeing theirs, and then the realization hit me. I was her stack. Rosemary intended to bet me, or rather my body and sexual services, against their cash in a game of chance.

When play got underway, I noticed even more. First of all it was simple five card stud with two rounds of betting sandwiched around a chance to discard and improve one’s hand. The other thing I noticed was the men all seemed to be betting, or bidding, against Rosemary who seemed to be playing the role of the house. In other words, they would stake as much money as they wished to obtain the service she told them I would perform and whoever bid the most would get me if they beat her hand. After a few preliminary hands where my breasts were offered for fondling, or my pussy for touching, Rosemary got more serious.

“Alright, I think my stack is warm and in the mood so let’s play for a hand job to completion.”

This hand truly opened my eyes because the high bet was $400 and I noticed Rosemary declined to improve her hand. However when the winner put his hand down at the end, he displayed two pair, Jacks over sevens, to which she revealed only King high. It seemed clear to me she was intending they all win whatever services she offered from me. It was going to be a long day.

There was nothing for me to do but jerk off the winner and Rosemary instructed me to let his seed splash on my breasts. Her comment was it would be decorative.

“Who knows, with cum on your tits the betting level may rise.” Her comment made me wonder if this was financing her operation. Each winner had placed his wager on a silver tray she had placed in the center of the table and the cash was growing. She was in essence whoring me out.

“Blow job to completion, but without ball licking.” She looked around the table at disappointed faces. “Gentlemen, we have to save the special treats for later.”

They all laughed and the next hand brought higher bidding, to $850, even without ball licking. Rosemary continued the pattern of not improving her hand and a pair of sixes had me sucking a fat black rod until it spurted in my mouth.

As Rosemary’s poker slut, I continued to offer my body to the men in gradually more intimate and penetrating scenarios. I was fucked vaginally three times and anally twice and I had climaxed twice. Rosemary didn’t seem to care about my orgasms as long as I served well and they were pleased. During the hands, I looked around the table to count how many of the men I have made come and finally it came to seven.

Was it by accident or intentional the holdout was the most attractive man at the table. Tall and rugged looking, he reminded me of the actor Carl Weathers, who played the black champion Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. As a young girl, Apollo Creed had been my fantasy black lover and I wanted him to win me, but my Apollo always seemed to drop out of the betting. Was he cautious, or was he waiting for a better offer.

After four hours of cards and carnality, Rosemary did an odd thing or so I thought. She took off her dress and sat in her seat in a red lace bra and panties. Was this a signal she was horny and wanted to bet herself?

“I see the stacks are low and most of you have climaxed so let’s have a special last hand. The winner has his or her choice of what to do with the loser.” Her eyes were focused on Apollo as she spoke and he nodded to her. Rosemary dealt the cards and the betting was furious. Rosemary looked at her cards once and then never looked at them again. After Apollo wagered $11,000 and took two cards, she nodded and took none to which everyone gasped.

“Well, Stephan, it seems to be you and me. I hope you have a good hand.”

He smiled and nodded and I could already see him fucking me perhaps all night long at her direction. I was ready to be claimed as the spoils of the poker war.

Stephan laid down three gorgeous ladies and I pulsed inside for surely he had the game won and I would be his sexual trophy. However when Rosemary giggled and looked down at me I feared something was wrong.

“You must be crazy with lust, slut. You want Stephan, don’t you? He’s the one you really like. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but so do I.” She laid down her hand, fanning it out to display the five diamonds which made her the winner. She placed his money on the tray and addressed the table.

“Sorry, gentleman, game’s over. Stephan and I have other matters to attend to. I thank you all for coming, literally, and you’ll all be invited back.” Amidst laughter and shaking hands, the group broke up and left leaving me naked at Rosemary’s feet and Stephan staring lustfully at her.

“I’m sorry, Stephan, but give me a moment to tie my bitch up and then we can fuck.” After putting my nipple chain and pussy belt back on, Rosemary put me in an excruciatingly tight hogtie on the bedroom floor. She made sure to put me far enough away, but facing the bed so I could watch Stephan and her fuck.

Stephan was all my fantasy had hoped, but I just watched in pain as he gave Rosemary orgasm after orgasm with his tongue and cock. All the time I wondered which she was enjoying more; his skill, or how much I wanted to be enjoying it.

If I stayed here I knew there would be more of this as she had an unending will to mentally and physically torture me. I began to understand something had to happen soon, whether it was good or bad, for I couldn’t last much longer in her clutches.