Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Drusilla's Ambition: Book 5 of the Ranexx Series


Drusilla was a favored slave of Emperor Marcus Flavius, but she was not born of the Empire. No, Drusilla was from another place, outside the Empire, where women dominated men which made Drusilla's brutal enslavement all the worse. Yet Drusilla had accepted, to the degree she could, male domination and she had used her cunning and beauty to work herself into a position where she could enact her plot. A plot more daring than anyone could imagine a slave could devise. Drusilla will scheme, seduce, lie and even kill to become Marcus Flavius' consort so she and she alone will bear the next Emperor in her womb. Then once she bears her Emperor a son she will go one step further a step barely comprehensible to the men in power. Drusilla and her secret lover will plan the death of an emperor and then they will rule the Empire through Marcus' son.

Can this bold plot succeed, or is it doomed to failure? What will Drusilla’s machinations mean for her homeland of Erios who believe in the Prophecy foretelling the uniting of the two diametrically opposed cultures?

Here is an excerpt from Drusilla's Ambition.


It was mid suns and very few slaves were in the quarters as most had work assignments or exercise time. With the long room close to empty make it was a perfect opportunity for Drusilla to make a move on this fresh faced guardsman. She watched as the young soldier surveyed the room and noted the look in his face was one of a fox in the Emperor’s hen house, but Drusilla wondered who was truly the fox.

Drusilla moved as close to the young soldier as her wall chain would allow and made her plea in a sexy voice. “Master, please may this slave beg you to bathe her?” Drusilla let out the words drip from her mouth in a teasing whine knowing the young soldier would be incapable of resisting her.

The moment his hazel eyes turned to her and grew big, she knew she had him. “Ahh . . . a bath you say. Okay let me fetch a handler for you.” In the Empire, slaves were not allowed to bath themselves, but it was not the duty of imperial guards to do so as common slave handlers were charged with that pleasant duty.

Drusilla casually lifted her chin to let the young soldier see not only her purple imperial collar, but the kraya disc which marked her as the Emperor’s favored one. “Oh, would you bathe me, Master, it would spare me from having an ugly handler whose hands are like stone bathe me? I’m sure my Master would appreciate your kindness to me.” Drusilla knew just what to say to tempt him.

The soldier’s hazel eyes were nearly popping out of his head at her naked splendor. “I guess I could. Oh, I see, you’re seal. You are a favorite of the Emperor.” The look of uncertainty on his handsome face was priceless, but Drusilla soothed his fears away.

“You need not worry about my status, Master. Common handlers bath me every day in the imperial suite.” It was a boldface lie as in the imperial suite Marcus normally bathed Drusilla and Tacita himself, or he violated tradition and let them bathe themselves for his amusement. After all he could break the rules as he was the Emperor.

Despite Drusilla’s assurance, the fresh face of the guard still looked cautious and uncertain so Drusilla increased the pressure. “Then again, my Master might be quite upset if I told him you ignored my needs and walked away.” As she suspected this fear of not pleasing her Master was far more powerful than his fear of what might happen if he did bathe her.

“Alright, yes . . . I’ll bathe you. Let me see if there is a bathing chamber open.” He crossed the long room and went down a short corridor to peak into one of the small rooms equipped to bath and groom slave girls. When he returned to her he unlocked the chain from her collar and led her to the first door down the corridor.

Drusilla realized he had not yet been willing to touch her nakedness so as soon as she entered the bathing chamber she turned and pressed her body to his letting him feel her and smell her scent. “Thank you, Master, this is so kind of you.” As she pulled back, he reached out and touched her nipples spontaneously. As he rubbed them, Drusilla’s nipples began to rise up despite still being tender and sore from the nipple leash she’d worn on her forced exercise run earlier.

“Your touch is soothing, Master. I look forward to more.”

Suddenly he became conscious of what he was doing. “Ahhh . . . yes, well I’ve not done this before, but I’ll do as best I can.”

Inside the small room was a typical Ranexxian slave tub. In the Empire, slaves had no dominion over any facet of their personal hygiene to make them dependent on men to feel clean and fresh. A slave tub was a square metal tub with straps and the four corners so the slave could be restrained, bottom up or bottom down and cleaned while helpless.

As the young soldier had never been trained in bathing slaves, he made an understandable mistake of asking Drusilla to get in the tub before he had her draw her own bath water. Against the far wall there was a larger metal cistern which was being warmed by a grated fire beneath it and he understood it was from there the bath would be filled one bucket at a time, but he had no idea that an experienced handler would have put the bitch to work drawing and carrying buckets to fill her own bath.

Therefore Drusilla was allowed to sit in the tub unrestrained while she watched him fill it bucket by bucket. She mused on how he must be so very new to the palace to have made such an uncommon error. Could this possibly be his first suns of duty here? Suddenly it entered her mind how she might be able to use him for more than just a bath and some cock.

“May I know your name, Master?” Drusilla interjected as he labored with the heavy buckets.

“I am Maldar. I am new here at the palace and this is my first duty shift.”

This was not news to Drusilla, but as he continued to toil she let her mind roam to her strategy in her grand plan to become Marcus Flavius’ consort. To be the Emperor’s consort was the highest position a slave could obtain in the male-dominated Empire. The Emperor’s consort was specifically the slave with whom he had decided to have a son with and thus she bore the awesome burden of producing a male heir. Bearing a female child, a slave, would do her good at all.

Most consorts had one pregnancy to bear a male heir, or be replaced, sent into exile, or worse. Thus despite being a high profile position for a slave, being consort was a desperate gamble to have a healthy male child and continue on as what amounted to the Emperor’s woman and the birth-giver of the next Emperor.

This was essentially  the battle which was being played out between Drusilla, who was a mere twenty two seasons old, and her rival Tacita, who was over thirty seasons old, an age most imperials would have been sold off by. On her side Drusilla had her youthful beauty, her lush firm body, and her sexual prowess, but Tacita had weapons too. The older more experienced slave had gotten inside Marcus’ head and nurtured his emotions in a way no one in his life ever had. This was as close to love as most imperial pleasure slaves got with their distant, emotionally-withdrawn Master and for quite a while now Drusilla had expected Marcus might lose interest in Tacita’s emotional hold on him, but he hadn’t. She was beginning to realize her rival’s strategy was formidable.

With the tub near full, Drusilla dared to let Maldar know of his other oversight. “You did not strap me into the tub, Master. Did you intend me to bathe myself for you?”

Maldar initially felt foolish for not doing this, but then he considered her offer. Who would know if he let her? He was already getting hard under his uniform and if he began to touch her wet soapy nakedness he might do something he should not. It would be best if he let her bathe herself and just watched the show. After all, he could always have her satisfy him with her mouth after the bath because oral service was allowed.

In the Empire, custom allowed one man’s slave to freely give oral service to other man, but other penetrations required the owner’s permission. As a mere rank and file imperial guardsman, Maldar did not have the Emperor’s permission to fuck Drusilla.

“Yes, I think it would be best if you bathed yourself, slave.” He smiled thinking how smart he was at having avoided more serious temptation.

Drusilla reached out of the tub for the soap and a bathing cloth she began to lather herself up while allowing him deeply intimate views of her body. One of the reasons slaves were strapped in while being bathed was to prevent them from touching their bulbous clits and climaxing over and over again in the warm soapy water. For a slave to give herself pleasure was seen as depriving men of pleasure, but most slaves would take any chance they got to touch their thumb-sized clits and make them engorge and throb with pleasure.

Yet Maldar seemed unaware of what Drusilla was doing as she showed him her intimate parts. Drusilla started to moan softly and gasp as she touched her clit and the pleasure mounted. Finally she spread her long legs and shamelessly slipped her fingers into her slave cunt to begin to frig herself.

“Ohhh, Master, how I wish your cock was inside me. My fingers are just not enough.”

Mesmerized by her beauty and free sexuality, Maldar realized he was stiff and ready to give her what she insisted she wanted, but he controlled himself for now.

“May I please see your big cock, Master? I could think about having it inside.” Drusilla cooed the words to keep the pressure on Maldar.

Maldar could think of no reason he shouldn’t show his erection and after all he wanted to. Quickly he undid his robes and tunic and displayed his manly shaft to her.

“Ohhhhh, It’s so big and hard for me, Master. Please won’t you give it to me?” Drusilla squealed the words to excite him and then she bent over the side of the tub toward him and licked the head of his cock. Unbeknownst to Maldar, Drusilla was rubbing her own engorged sex under the soapy water determined to come as she desired.

Maldar gasped as Drusilla’s tongue contacted his cock head. Their roles might as well have been reversed now as he was more a slave to her body and his desire for it than she was slave to him. Maldar thought he was going to lose control when Drusilla wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to suck him.

As Drusilla was no stranger to the seduction of the male, she knew Maldar was now nearly helpless to resist her. Quickly she rose up in the tub and turned, bending over and gripping the unused straps on the tubs opposite side for support. This positioned her ass inches from his stiff cock and she spread her feet to offer him access to her cunt or her anus. “Please, Master, take me where you wish. I need your cock up inside me, please.”

If there had been a point where Maldar could have resisted, backed away and not plunged deeply into one of Drusilla’s tight offered orifices, but the point was long passed. With his cock so stiff and urgently throbbing, Maldar was caught between duty and rampant desire and the former proved to be no match for the latter. He knew the rules and the punishments for what he was about to do, but his raging erection did not care and it compelled him to thrust forward. The young guardsman grabbed Drusilla’s hips and forced himself deep into her cunt with all the lust he could muster.