Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Cock Hunting


Sorry for the confusion, but this will be my next release from eXcessica. The reason is it is shorter and was easier to complete than Pitfalls 2 was. This is the story of four female BU graduates and the wild CFNM party they throw when they get together for a reunion in Beantown. Three current BU freshman guys are the unknowing toys of the party and Cock Hunting takes a close look at how they feel being the sexual playthings of these dominant women. The boys are all naked and displayed with their hands cuffed behind their backs making them dependant on their one night Mistresses for sexual satisfaction. It's onlt intended as a one night stand and the plan is to let the boys go well-satisfied in the morning, but things take and intersting turn during the long night. Will all three boys make it back to campus, or will someone discover an overwhelming need to female dominance?

Here is an excerpt from Cock Hunting:

Unlike when she was a student at Boston University, Yasmine Carter was bored with Caleb’s bar tonight. As she fiddled with her burnt sienna hair, she wondered why this place, which was once fertile ground for her kind of man, had changed so much. It seemed there was more of a yuppie crowd, twenty-something guys and their young wives or girlfriends who were climbing the corporate ladder and thus were not what she desired. The occasion for Yasmine to be back in Beantown was a reunion with her college friends from BU and like they had in those crazy college days they had all decided to see what was available at what had been their fav hangout.

Yasmine realized the bar itself had changed; going upscale to bring in a more affluent crowd rather than the money-starved college students of her day. The five dollar pitchers of domestic beer were still available but as she looked around at the tables she didn’t see any, just the more expensive mixed drinks. The change in her favorite bar was frustrating to her, but it was only symbolic of how it was becoming harder and harder to find her type of guy amongst men who had already had some success in their lives and careers. At twenty-six, Yasmine realized as men got older they tended to accumulate possessions like beer bellies and these afforded them a certain degree of comfort with their lot in life and thereby masked the feelings she found so arousing.

Specifically what Yasmine was looking for was the innocent, deer-in-the-headlights, adorning look of a guy who worshipped a woman and could easily be compelled to do anything for her. She had found guys with submissive thoughts rarely made eye contact with a gorgeous woman and if they did they broke it off as soon as they knew she was looking at them. When found, these submissive eyes could quickly be sucked in and used as eager pawns in all sorts of fun games of tease and denial. Their devotion went too deep too fast so they could not resist the charms of a beautiful controlling woman.

“I don’t see much, do you?” Yasmine asked of her four companions.

“No, it’s sad, but it’s a different crowd now. Not like before.” This was Jamie’s observation as she shook out her long blonde hair and looked at Yasmine with her amazingly bright blue eyes.

“Can’t we just invite a cute one back to Sam’s place for sex, like the one over there with the dark eyes?” Belinda, an auburn-haired beauty, unobtrusively pointed to a tall guy in a black business suit two tables over.

“He’s nice looking, but his look says he likes to be in charge like most of them here. If you want the get-on-your-knees-and-suck-me attitude with a little time-to-jerk-off-in-your-vagina-and-come-on-your-face action, he’d be fine.” Yasmine looked at the glum-faced Belinda and shook her head. “But it’s not for me.”

Belinda sighed. “Yah, you’re probably right, but I so wanted to have some fun when I came back here.” Only Samantha still lived in the Boston area so she was hosting her friend’s reunion.

Yasmine suddenly became aware Samantha had yet to respond. “Sam, have you seen anything good out there?”

Samantha Stevens was the persistent seeker of the group who would always find exactly what she wanted when she and her friends invaded a mall or a bar. Sam had often worn her friends out with her single-minded pursuit of her objective, but right now she didn’t seem to hear Yasmine as her head was turned away from the table looking at the far wall of the bar. Yasmine followed along in the direction of Sam’s gaze and began checking out the guys she saw, but there didn’t seem to be anything she hadn’t seen. She was just about to dismiss Sam’s gaze as daydreaming when she saw exact what Sam must be looking at. Leaning up against the wall with pints of beer in their hands, three young guys all wearing BU Terrier apparel seemed to be just what the girls were looking for. Yasmine swallowed hard at the thought of finding suitable studs who actually went to their alma mater, but before she dared say a word to the others she wanted to be sure they were the right type.

Yasmine began doing what she imagined Sam had been doing for perhaps several minutes. She assessed; pouring over their cute faces in hopes of seeing the desired look. She watched for long moments as the three pairs of eyes followed various hotties around the bar, but never made a move to intercept one or talk to her. She also noted they didn’t talk much to each other which indicated they lacked the typical male-bonding strategy talk which would prevail in a group of more dominant men. A dominant alpha male would pose questions like “I like the blonde are you okay with her friend?” to his pack members, but no such interchange seemed to be taking place between these three. To Yasmine this indicated they were submissive watchers, not aggressive doers.

Yasmine tapped Jamie’s hand. “Get up and go saunter by the far wall. Be sexy and look available to those three guys under the picture of Pierce.” The walls of Caleb’s were strewn with sports memorabilia and the three guys just happened to be standing under a big autographed portrait of Boston Celtic Paul Pierce.

Jamie turned and looked at the three young faces and nodded. “Leave it to you to find fresh meat.”

“I didn’t find them, Sam did. I just followed her eyes, but have to be sure about them before we move.” Yasmine explained.

Jamie got up, adjusted her halter to show maximum cleavage and went off on her mission. As soon as Jamie took off, Belinda became aware of the situation. “Ohhh, did we find something?” She squealed.

Samantha seemed to wake up and she banged the table to get Belinda’s attention. “Easy, Belinda, we might have found something, but let’s see how they react to Jamie before we get ourselves all excited.”

Now Yasmine turned to the last person at the table who had not yet said a word. There was a reason the attractive, slim girl with long, jet-black hair was silent. She was not an alumnus of BU, nor did she really know Jamie, Samantha, and Belinda until yesterday afternoon then she and her Mistress had arrived in Logan Airport yet she would play a critical role in tonight’s activities. Siena had been Yasmine’s live-slave for the last two years which include roughly equal portions of sex toy, maid, and pain slut.

“I may have work for you, slave. If these cocks pass Jamie’s test, are you up to doing what you do on the road? We’ll need you as our sexy, slutty bait.” Yasmine had little doubt Siena would perform as she had so often back in Atlanta. She knew her slut well enough to realize Siena could not deny herself cock in any form.

“Yes, Mistress, may I assume the same rules would apply here as at home.” The home Siena referred to was Yasmine’s luxurious penthouse apartment in Atlanta where her submission flourished under her stern Mistress.

“Of course, but since we’re on the road and you’re not familiar with the territory I brought along a little electronic helper for you.” Yasmine reached in her purse and took out a small GPS device and placed it in Siena’s hand. “If you get far enough to bring them to us, this is programmed to give the driver directions to Sam’s place.”

Siena looked at her Mistress and smiled. It was nice to think her Dom was thinking of the little problems she might run into. “Yes, Mistress, and thank you.” Because she now had an interest in what happened between Jamie and the potential playthings, Siena’s head turned to follow Jamie as she sashayed to the far end of Caleb’s bar.