Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

On the Front Lines of Erotica

There are some of you here at Apollo who know what I do for a living and a lifestyle and there are some who do not and would frown upon it. I have long since accepted those who look disgusted and then look away forever breaking contact with me and my lifestyle, but when it comes to censorship it is wrong and I'll stand up and say it is.

My publisher, eXcessica, is currently involved in a struggle to find a new credit card processor because our old one, one of the largest processors out there, has demanded we remove certain books from our site which delve into certain erotica subjects, like nonconsensual BDSM and incest, which the right wing wants to censor. Just so you know, this processor who allows the purchase of whips, chains, and other bondage gear on other sites, but has decided we should not be allowed to write about the use of such equipment.

Now we at eXcessica will handle the situation; most likely with a new CC processor who will charge us a higher fee because as we all know it's all about the money, right? However what I want to try to explain to all of you is why it's important for convroversial topics in erotica to be allowed and not censored.

We are on the wall of censorship, my friends, fighting the barbarian hordes of the right to keep the light of ideas growing. You may think there is no big deal if we give in, but your wrong because it empowers those hordes. If they can get rid of one thing, they'll try another and I know this simply because I know how they think. They are certain they know what best for us, far more than we do, and they will continue to act like our overbearing parents, keeping anything controversial from our eyes if we let them. If publishers like eXcessica are censored then whose next I ask you?

Humm, how about a free spirited community of writers, poets, artists, and musicians who bounce around all kinds of uncontrolled free thought. Humm, the Red Room, adult only, sounds like a good place to start censoring.

Thank you for your time.

Jen Campbell