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Chasing Lacy Revised Version Part 3

Posted by jennifercampbell on May 16, 2011 at 10:54 AM


Morning at the girl’s home brought the first signs of what Gabriel had warned Lacy about. As usual Lacy rose first to wait hand and foot on her Mistress and things went normally until she was soaping Freja’s lithe body in the shower.

“I suppose you’re looking forward to tonight, more so than last night. You seem quite taken with him.” Freja tone was depressed-sounding with a touch of anxiety.

Lacy would have rather not conversed on this subject, but she knew she had to respond. Freja would not simply let it go. “He’s new to me, as you know, and I guess I like him, but it’s not like my relationship with you. We have a life together and I love you.” Lacy couldn’t help thinking if Gabriel did want her would she and Freja still have a life together?

“I see.” Freja commented and then she seemed to pass into thought for a few moments before adding. “So then, what if I cancelled tonight? Would you accept that?”

Lacy was stunned. She had not contemplated this possibility. She was worried about a possible decision and perhaps having to hurt Freja, but she’d assumed she would get the chance to see how Gabriel handled her as a slave. To have it all go away on Freja’s whim seemed unthinkable and very cruel of her lover. With the chance of being Gabriel’s sex beast, his wanton slut slave, hovering over the drain, Lacy’s anger was aroused.

“Why would you do that? It isn’t fair. I’m not going to leave you for him. Don’t you trust me at all?” Lacy tried to keep her voice under control, but it was all too important to her and she let her voice rose as her emotions got involved.

This was of course evident to Freja and she reacted in kind. “You are hot to trot for him, you slut. How did you get so greedy for cock so quickly?”

The question mystified Lacy as the truth was she didn’t know where her desire for Gabriel came from. “I don’t know, but it does turn me on. Is that so bad? Just because you don’t like men doesn’t mean I can’t like them.” Lacy’s mind flashed to the memory of the beach yesterday when Freja had sunk down and reached for Gabriel’s cock. Ordinarily she would never have mentioned this, but Lacy was as close as she’d ever been to attack mode in defense of her desire for Gabriel. “But then again, maybe you do like cock. You reached out for his yesterday on the beach.”

Lacy had touched a nerve and Freja acted accordingly. “You little bitch, it’s time out for you. Right here, right now, you never speak to me that way.” Freja quickly turned off the shower and grabbed Lacy’s long blonde hair to pull her out of their large walk-in shower. Once they were outside the shower, Freja bent Lacy’s dripping wet body over so her face was against the glass shower door.

“Stay right there while I get my crop, your clamps and cuffs, and your favorite silver dollar.” Freja quickly dried her body so she could storm out of the bathroom to their bedroom to fetch the things she needed to punish her slave.

Lacy knew what would happen, it was a common punishment for her yet this time she bristled over why she was being punished. I only spoke the truth. She did want his cock.

When Freja returned to the still dripping Lacy she cuffed her hands behind her back before screwing down two weighted clamps onto Lacy’s nipples. In Lacy’s position, the clamps would swing painfully at her every motion.

“Tongue out, cock slut, time to tongue the eagle.” Freja laughed as Lacy obediently stuck out her tongue right next to the glass door. The dominatrix slipped an American Silver Eagle coin against the glass and Lacy placed her tongue up against it holding it to the smooth surface.

“You know what happens if you let the eagle drop before your time is up, but let me warn you I’m in no mood to be charitable with you so don’t let it happen.” Knowing Lacy couldn’t speak with her tongue so extended and she could not move least she drop the coin, Freja freely pushed her hand under Lacy’s spread legs to play with her pussy.

“”Let’s add some arousal to the mix and then some more pain. I think you should do three hours and then we’ll talk and see if your attitude has changed any.” Freja spent a few more moments rubbing her wet and naked slave’s pussy and clit before she grabbed her crop and began to administer some stinging blows to Lacy’s well-exposed ass.

“While you simmer think about this. What will you do if I do call Gabriel and cancel tonight? If you never see him again will you remain my obedient slave? I’ll want to know your answer when your punishment is done.” Before she left, Freja had Lacy’s ass blistered with hot red welts and the clamps were swinging wildly because of Lacy’s writhing under the pain of the cruel crop.

However it was the time after her Mistress left that Lacy hated. Wet and aroused, she would have to deal with her throbbing pussy, the stinging pain of her ass, and the soreness of her clamped nipples while trying to maintain her tongue on the coin. There would be too much monotonous time to think, but Lacy also knew Mistress would stop in occasionally to crop her, bat the swinging nipple weights, or perhaps frig her pussy close, but not to, orgasm. Yet it was questionable if these distractions by her Mistress were not welcomed by Lacy as opposed to the utter monotony and strain of trying to hold a heavy silver coin against a glass shower door for three hours.

For a long time Lacy tried to deny the fact that Mistress had demanded an answer from her. How could she answer such a question? What will I do? What am I willing to do to feel a Master’s touch, to be the sexual property of a man at least once in my life? Lacy had no illusions about the implied threat of Freja’s intention. If she let her Mistress cancel the play session with Gabriel tonight, she knew she’d never see another dominant male in her life. The only males she’d see would be subs whom her Mistress brought home to fuck on occasion.

It isn’t right and I won’t let her do it. She has to trust me to stay with her. If we have no trust, what has our relationship become?

It was hard, immensely challenging for an inexperienced, young woman who’d found a comfortable existence as a sub to another beautiful woman, to tell herself she had to play the ultimate card especially when Lacy knew it was in essence a bluff.

If I tell her I’ll leave her, could I actually do it? Could I walk out the door? The truth was simple; Lacy didn’t know and wouldn’t know until the time came.

Time passed with infinite slowness, but finally Freja placed her finger on the Silver Eagle allowing Lacy to remove her tongue. Soon the clamps came off along with the cuffs and Lacy flexed her body to get the kinks out as she rubbed blood back into her burning nipples. By now she was mostly dry save for some dampness in her long blonde hair, but Lacy didn’t dare reach to the sink for the hair dryer.

“Well, what’s your answer? If I stop this man thing can we get back to what our lives were before yesterday? I’ll admit I made a mistake taking you over to him, but we can both forget that, right?” Freja had been cursing herself for being so bold as to walk up to a stranger on the beach, but then it was her nature to be bold in the presence of men.

Lacy braced herself for what she knew she had to do. “No, if you won’t let him come tonight and do what you’ve already agreed to, I’ll leave. I say this not because I want to be with him, but because you don’t trust me. If you can’t trust me to get fucked by a man one night and still be yours forever, then where is our relationship. What do we have?” Lacy tried to keep her voice even and steady, but it was all too important to her and her passions became aroused.

Freja simply stared at Lacy for the longest time, so long Lacy became concerned.

“I’m sorry to have to upset you, but I can need this and still love you. Please understand.” Lacy tied to reach out, but Freja turned and walked out of the bathroom as if she was in a trance.

Lacy didn’t understand. What did this mean? Would Gabriel be here tonight or not? What was Freja thinking about?

For the rest of the bright beautiful day things remained gloomy and uncertain in the girl’s beach house. Lacy did her best to serve her Mistress as she always had, but Freja was deep in thought and every time Lacy tried to lighten the mood or probe for information her Mistress simply refused to react.

It wasn’t until after supper was over that Freja finally spoke. “Alright, we’ll play with Gabriel tonight. I hope you get what you need tonight and you do love me as you say, because I think this is dangerous. More dangerous than you realize.” It was all she said before leaving the table and Lacy wondered as she picked up the meal what her Mistress was so afraid of.

Later when she entered their bedroom she saw her Mistress sitting on their queen-sized bed naked and crying with one of Lacy’s alternate collars, a white leather one, around her neck. Immediately she sat down beside her Mistress and hugged her.

“What is it, Mistress, what is so wrong?” Lacy was beginning to feel guilty about compelling her Mistress to do this.

“It’s nothing, I’m just nervous. Do I look alright, like a sub, with your spare collar? I’ll have to follow your lead tonight to know what to do.” Freja reached out and touched Lacy’s regular collar, a light blue leather one which had been purchased to match her Lacy’s lovely azure eyes.

“You look great and you’ll do great. Just try to relax and have fun. To be a sub you don’t have to do too much thinking, just obey and let things happen so you can soak in how they make you feel. Whatever you do, don’t worry about us. I love you and I’ll be here long after he leaves.” Lacy felt she had to say this even if she wasn’t entirely sure of it. She was beginning to understand why Gabriel had warned her of the possibilities of deep emotion last night, but then she wondered how had he known this might happen?

Freja seemed to be somewhat calmed, and it was easy for Lacy to accept anxiety as the reason for her upset. Lacy went about preparing for Gabriel’s arrival at eight, checking to see all the toys were present in the cellar and that there was plenty of lube because Gabriel’s cock was big, but when she returned to the bedroom Mistress was again softly crying.

What is this? Does she really not trust me?

Lacy became distressed at the thought, but time soon dwindled down to the point where Gabriel’s arrival was eminent and it was Lacy who had to think about how she and Freja should be presented to their Master of the evening.

* * * *

When Gabriel arrived at the beach house he found the front door slightly ajar and when he slowly entered calling out to the girls as he did he heard Lacy call him from the open cellar door. After he journeyed down the stairs his eyes fell on a sight which would stiffen the cock of any dominant male.

There on the cellar floor were the two naked blondes kneeling with knees spread wide to display their cunts. Their hands were cuffed and they were collared, but Lacy had choreographed the pair to have heads tilted back and mouths wide open as if they were anticipating accepting their Master’s cock.

“You two look delicious. You’re a meal fit for a king and I assure you I intend to eat until I cannot eat any more. I’ll let you two decide who goes first.” As Gabriel spoke he moved back and forth between them touching faces, tongues, and soft breasts.

Lacy looked at Freja and Freja looked at Lacy as if neither had anticipated this decision.

“Should I go first so you can watch me?” Lacy asked assuming her Mistress would want to see her serve first.

Freja’s eyes were big, bigger than Lacy had ever seen, and when her Mistress didn’t immediately respond Lacy slowly began to realize the truth. She can’t decide. Freja is struggling with such a simple decision.

It was a stunning revelation simply because Lacy had never known her Mistress to be anything but decisive, but now she knew she had to decide.

“I’ll go first, Master, to let Freja get used to things.”

Lacy had been on pins and needles for this moment and rarely does such heavy anticipation achieve complete fulfillment, but not so this time. From the moment Gabriel first pushed his cock deep down her throat, Lacy behaved as if she’d served men all her life. As he fucked her cunt deliciously deep as she bounced in his arm, her breast rubbing hi hard chest, she encouraged him to go harder, faster and deeper, to use her like his whore. Even when Gabriel pressed a bound Lacy to the cellar wall and took her deep in her ass stabbing into her bowels with no mercy, Lacy squirmed and pleaded for more cock before she zoned out into her sub space.

However, Lacy’s time serving Master Gabriel was not the highlight of the night. No one was more surprised than Lacy to see the combination of Mistress Freja submitting to Master Gabriel was electric. It started from the very beginning when Freja asked a question Lacy hadn’t expected from her.

“Master, may I . . . well . . . may I resist you as we play? I’d like to resist you with all my strength, but I wonder if you will be strong enough to overcome my resistance?” Freja’s question sounded genuine, but it provoked concern from Lacy because of Gabriel’s strength. She did not want her Mistress to be injured.

Gabriel smiled slyly. “I was hoping you’d want that. It’s fine with me if Lacy has no objections.” Gabriel looked at Lacy and the sub realized the decision was in her hands. What the fuck, why do I have to decide? However Lacy quickly realized she did have to decide because she was Freja’s lover.

“Okay, but if I think your seriously hurting her I’m gonna call out red and you back off until I say you can resume. Agreed?” Lacy wanted to be able to stop Gabriel if she feared for Freja’s safety.

“Agreed completely, in fact if you wish to stop the whole thing it’s your decision.” Gabriel seemed okay with Lacy’s conditions.

Freja had been on her knees watching Gabriel dominate Lacy, but now she stood up and walked toward the two of them. Before going to her first Master, Freja paused to whisper in Lacy’s ear. “Please, Lacy, try not to say red. Let him do as he pleases with me.”

Lacy was stunned as she watched Freja go to her knees and begin worshipping Gabriel’s cock. True to his word, Gabriel soon grasped the flaxen-haired head and began fucking the mouth with his shaft. Freja gagged, slurped, and wads of saliva ran out her open mouth, but Lacy noticed that Gabriel released the head from time to time to allow Freja a respite if she wanted it. The thing Lacy had a hard time believing was that Freja never seemed to take advantage of the respite as she kept gasping and fucking her face on Gabriel’s massive organ with slavish devotion.

The same devotion appeared in Freja’s behavior all night long and Lacy couldn’t help but wonder where it came from. Was this the same woman who had been crying in anticipation of this evening? It did not seem so to Lacy.

All through Gabriel and Freja’s session, Lacy was mesmerized by the raw passion her Mistress extruded. Freja made mistakes, like any slave serving for the very first time, and Gabriel, per the agreement, had Lacy punish her twice, but the punishment only seemed to add fire to Freja’s performance.

When it was over Freja was so worn out and used that Gabriel carried her upstairs and laid her in her bed. Lacy followed and she couldn’t resist questioning Gabriel after they left the bedroom. “What was that, Master? I’ve never seen her like that. I thought she was frightened of serving you.”

Gabriel put his hands on Lacy’s shoulders and pulled her close. “She was afraid, but she conquered her fear. Lacy, Freja is going to have a lot of conflicting emotions over this so please be patient with her. It might be best if both of you came over to Albert’s place tomorrow and we can sit down and talk about this. When you two get up talk it over between yourselves.” Gabriel kissed her tenderly, but all the time Lacy was thinking.

What about me? What about my emotions, my feelings for you? Do they mean anything? However as much as she wanted to ask, Lacy bit her tongue and allowed Gabriel to leave.

* * * *

Lacy slept like a stone, but when she awoke, just before noon, Freja was not in bed with her. At first Lacy assumed her Mistress was out on the deck on the sun sipping her favorite coffee, but then she saw the note on Freja’s bed stand. She picked it up and read it, but the words were almost to stunning to penetrate her mind.

Lacy, went to see Master. Please join us.

Master? It’s all over and she’s still calling him Master. What’s up with that? Lacy couldn’t slip on her tight, white thong bikini fast enough and she practically ran down the beach to Albert’s beach house.

After she rang the bell the nerdy, long-haired Albert answered the door and Lacy instantly wondered if he would have any inkling of what had happened last night at her home. Does he know his brother fucked the shit out of us last night?

“Hi, I came to see Gabriel. Is he in?” Lacy realized Albert’s eyes were eating up her body and she wondered what he thought of this situation. She and Freja had only been to Albert’s house once previously since he’d lived on the beach, but now they were showing up to see Gabriel.

“Ahh, he’s busy now with your friend. They’re downstairs.” Albert said the word downstairs like he wished he were there, but he never was. Albert opened the door more and asked. “Maybe you and I could have a beer, on the deck, while you wait for Gabriel.” His voice was hopeful.

Lacy got the immediate implication Albert was like a child, not allowed to disturb his brother while he was playing downstairs despite the fact that Albert owned the house. She was unsure what to say as she truly wanted to see Gabriel and Freja now.

Taking advantage of her beauty and how Albert seemed mesmerized by it, Lacy slipped through the door. “Maybe we could do the beer thing later, Albert, I really need to see Freja and Gabriel. How do you get downstairs?” Lacy was firm with Albert expecting he would bend to her desires.

“Ahhh . . . well Gabe doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s downstairs. He told me never to . . .” Albert never finished his sentence as Lacy interrupted.

“Listen, Albert, I appreciate that, but I have to see Freja.” Lacy screamed at Albert because on the surface, Lacy was simply curious as to why her Mistress had run so quickly back to a man, but as time passed and with Albert blocking her, she began to feel a growing anxiety about the situation in her belly. Yet she simply couldn’t put her finger on why she felt anxious.

“Okay, okay, I’ll show you.” Albert capitulated.

After being shown to the cellar door, Lacy felt a twinge of anxiety when she heard moaning after she opened it. It was Freja’s moan and they were close to orgasmic which somehow disturbed Lacy. Slowly she made her way down the narrow stairway to the door at the bottom through which light was coming.

“How does it feel, slave, to be my cock bitch, to want nothing more in the world than to please me.” The thundered words where uttered by Gabriel Just as Lacy reached the bottom of the stairs and she was suddenly frightened to look into the lighted room. What the hell. What is going on here?

Lacy heard Freja’s voice, obviously gagged, but still she made out the screamed words, “Uuck me, Maser, peeease.”

This was enough for Lacy to push forward and walk into the brighter light. Her eyes barely conceived of what she saw; Freja bent over, bound and gagged to a whipping bench while Gabriel fucked her furiously from behind. It took moment for Lacy to assimilate the sight and understand what had happened and then her heart sank like a rock.

“You! You want him? You want to be his slave?” Lacy’s outburst was filled with the raw emotion she felt at being so completely blindsided. Lacy had seen Freja’s anxiety about serving Gabriel, but she had never really understood what it truly was. Freja’s fear was not that Lacy would run away with Gabriel, no her fear was that she had finally found a man who could and would master her. Freja saw Gabriel as the single man amongst so many inferiors who had the strength, brains, and imagination to be her perfect Master. Those were the raw instinctive feelings that had driven Freja and so surprised Lacy last night.

Still there was pain here as Lacy realized Freja wanted Gabriel at a level so much deeper than hers. What does this mean for me? Have I lost both of them?

Startled by Lacy’s outburst from behind him, Gabriel whirled around. “Albert, I’ll kill him for letting you down here. I didn’t mean for you to find out this way.”

The tightly bound Freja could barely turn her head enough to see her lover, but she recognized the voice and she screamed through her gag. “Noooo, Lacy, peeease.”

Knowing Freja had things to say, Gabriel rushed to remove her gag and begin untying her. Long before the ropes were off, Freja’s began to explain. “I knew something about him was special, but at first I simply didn’t understand what and I fought it. I fought so hard and I was so scared. As you know, I tried to cancel the whole thing, but I could see you wanted him too. What could I do, how could I explain this thing inside me you knew nothing about? Before we met him, I’d begun to think the thoughts of submission to a man were gone, permanently dead inside me, but he . . . oh Lacy, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.” Freja paused until Gabriel released the last of her ropes and then she ran to her lover and hugged her.

After the hug, Freja continued, trying to smooth away the rough edges of the situation. “It will be okay, he can move into our place and we can both serve him, you’ll see. I still love you, Lacy. Please don’t let this break us up.” Freja sounded desperate for Lacy to join them.

“I need to apologize too. I confess I did want Freja, more than you, Lacy. I am truly sorry it happened this way, but maybe it had to. It’s never easy when a dominant woman finds her hidden need to submit.” Gabriel came over and hugged both of them, but both he and Freja were anxious to hear Lacy’s reply.

It took a while as Lacy’s mind was going over the events of the last forty-eight hours trying to understand how she’d been so caught off guard. Yes, he did try to warn me and she did agonize over the whole thing. She might have told me what was in her heart, but I can’t say I would have been able to talk about such a deeply hidden aspect of myself. After all she’d always been the Mistress in my eyes, the source of strength and wisdom. It must have been impossible for her to sully that image for me. I’m not sure this could have been avoided because of who she is and who he is. Mistress was locked to submission, but Gabriel was the perfect key to her lock.

Powerful emotions were sweeping over Lacy, but finally she looked up into Freja’s blue eyes and found her tongue. “I understand, Mist . . . Freja, I don’t blame you. It’s just a big shock . . . I guess for you too, right? That’s why you were so upset yesterday before we got together.” For a moment Lacy thought about turning back the clock. Would I, if I could?

There was no answer to be had, but Lacy’s acceptance of what Freja had done set off a spasm of hugging and kissing from the lovers. For Lacy it felt comfortable, but slightly different to be in her Mistress’ arms, like they had both changed and could never go back to what they once were. Finally Lacy turned to speak to Gabriel.

“I don’t blame you either and you know I wanted to serve you, but . . . I just don’t know if this will work. I don’t have the raw need she does.” Lacy turned and stepped toward the door.

“What, what do you mean. You’re not leaving are you? Please, Lacy, give it some time.” A seemingly frightened Freja begged her sub to stay and she started to follow Lacy, but Gabriel intercepted her.

“I don’t think she’s leaving, not yet. She just needs time to sort this out. I asked her to give you time before and now you need to give her the time to feel comfortable with this. Understand this isn’t and easy situation for her either, not by a longshot.” Gabriel was so sure of his words that Lacy shot a look at him as she wondered how he understood her situation so well.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you? You’re attracted to dominant females, the idea of uncovering their hidden sub side turns you on.” Lacy didn’t seem mad at Gabriel, just surprised.

“Yes, I love a challenge a dominant women presents. Most subs I meet have too much docility. They already want to obey instead of needing to be seduced and compelled to. A Dominatrix is so different.” Gabriel nodded to Lacy complimenting her on her keen acumen in seeing his desires.

“Listen, Lacy, I’m not sorry about seducing your Mistress, but I would welcome you staying with us if you wish. I can share her, but I realize you must follow your heart.” Gabriel hugged Lacy fiercely and Freja joined in.

“Me too, I want you to stay, but I guess he’s right. He was certainly right about me.” Freja spoke the words with a calm certainty as she looked up at her new Master.

After the hug, Lacy looked at both of them, still barely believing things had worked out in this strange way. My Mistress is a slave now, a deeply submissive needy slut for a man. The right man for her. “I understand you both and I have feelings for both of you, but right now I need to be alone for a while. Could you both stay here for a few days while I have the house to think?” Lacy was looking at Freja, whose choice this really was since she owned the beach house with Lacy.

“Sure, I’ll send Albert over later for some of my things, but please don’t take too long. I’ll miss you, really I will.” Freja was close to tears and Gabriel took her in his arms to sooth her.

As she walked to the cellar stairway, Lacy saw the image of a different Freja, a sub seeking shelter in her Master’s arms and it wasn’t how Lacy wanted to remember her Mistress. To me she’ll always be strong and decisive, making me follow her and serve her. However the thought of how much Freja had changed turned Lacy’s mind on herself. Am I the same as I was? Two days ago I’d never been with anything but a submissive man and I had no desire to be with one, but now I feel a burning lust inside me to find a Master. Is my Master out there somewhere?

* * * *

Gabriel and Freja stayed at Albert’s house for three days allowing their new relationship to grow while Lacy tackled her feelings. It was hard sleeping alone in the bed she’d shared with Freja, but the more Lacy thought the more one thing came through clearly. I’ve served and loved a woman, who I still love to a degree, but she’s not the woman I fell in love with. I need to give my submissive self a chance to serve a man like Gabriel so I can know men. Then I would be able to choose which is best for me. I could stay, but Freja’s desire to serve him is so much more raw and powerful than mine and I know I’d end up feeling like a third wheel. I could never duplicate the intensity of her need after she covered it up all her life.

Wanting to be sure her feelings were as true as she believed, Lacy invited Gabriel and Freja back to the house and spent a month living with them. She made it clear she hadn’t fully decided long term and part of her hoped there would be some component she hadn’t foreseen which might allow her to stay. However there was no surprise, she felt as she’d expected she would feel. When she announced her decision to leave, Freja cried but Gabriel understood perfectly as he seemingly always had.

“I hope you find him, Lacy, and I’m sorry I won’t be him. It’s my loss because you are an amazing sub.” Gabriel confessed to her.

“Thank you, Gabriel, but you have a job I expect you to do well. You must take care of my Mistress now, not like I did, but in the way she desires to be taken care of. I’ll always love her, but she deserves her new life and frankly I can barely believe the change in her since you two have been together.” Lacy had indeed noticed that Freja was a slut slave in love, a hopelessly submissive love of the Master she never expected to find.

Gabriel and Freja bought Lacy a brand new Honda Accord to start out her new adventure in and when her bags were packed she took one last look at the naked and kneeling blonde bitch beside Gabriel. She knew it could have been her had fate to be at his knees if the cards had played out differently, but perhaps this was for the best. Her time with Mistress Freja had been memorable and she would cherish it forever, but now it was time for her new future.

After hugs, tears, and heartfelt goodbyes, Lacy climbed into her new car and drove down the long beach road which would bring her back to a world she’d put aside for a time. Yes, I know there will be rough times, disappointments and false hopes, but I also know he’s out there somewhere. I will find my true Master.

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