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Chasing Lacy Revised Version Part 2

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The listening Lacy was disappointed to a small degree because she understood this meant she wouldn’t get to climb on Gabriel’s cock right now when her sexual need was so great. She would have to wait for her ride. Still though, the contest sounded hot and it meant getting fucked by both Doms.

“Not at all. Well, then it’s decided. By the way, to reassure you I do belong here, I’ll tell you I’m a guest at my brother’s home.” Gabriel pointed at a grey beach house about 300 yards down the beach which Freja and Lacy associated with a mousy-looking, rather nerdy young man named Albert.

“You’re Albert’s brother? Are you sure, I mean have you checked your DNA?” Freja’s comment was a joke based on the simple fact it was hard to believe the wide gap in personality which existed between Gabriel and his brother. Albert was known to be a video game addict who was rarely seen on the beach.

Gabriel smiled understand exactly what Freja was confused about. “They say it’s a split, half and half, between genetics and environment. Albert and I were born of the same parents, but after they split I grew up with Dad, while he grew up with Mom. So I guess that makes me wonder if single females really are the best parents as our society assumes they are?” Gabriel stood up and pulled up his trunks before continuing.

“Never mind, it’s just something I think about. Where do you girls live and when do you want me there.”

Freja pointed, to the white beach house with blue shutters as far in the opposite direction from Albert’s house as was possible. “We live there. Is eight okay with you, we should get an early start so the fun can last.” Freja gave a coy smile knowing it was her night to be dominant, but she was suddenly keenly aware of Gabriel’s likely distaste for what was going to happen to him. He was after all a dominant male and quite likely being fucked by a woman would be seriously demeaning for him. Yet even as she realized his possible distaste, she wondered why it mattered to her. A moment ago she’d been pissed at this cocky, dominant male so why was she suddenly worried about his discomfort?

“No, tonight is good, gives me less time to think about it.” He chuckled. “Should I come lubed?” He broke out in laughter and then apologized. “Sorry, gallows humor, I have a weakness for it.”

This exchange made Freja wonder even more about how he really felt about tonight. Was he really so upset if he could joke about it?

“Okay, we’ll expect you. Bye for now.” Freja turned to Lacy and held out the egg. “Sorry, dear, but you’ll need to put this back in.”

Lacy was still on her knees and she looked at the egg like it was a snake. After all her arousal had just died down a little and now she would be driven crazy with lust yet again. It was a long walk back to the house. She looked up at Gabriel with a face which practically pleaded with him to intercede with her Mistress on her behalf.

Gabriel reached down and offered Lacy his hand to help her up. “Sorry I couldn’t scratch your itch right away, but I will eventually.” After assisting Lacy, he reached down to pick up his blanket and began folding it.

“I understand, goodbye, Master Gabriel.” Lacy offered before she turned and took the egg form Freja’s hand. After she slipped it inside and felt the vibrations begin, she took a deep breath of resignation to her fate.

“Humm, maybe I’ll just leave it in until Gabriel comes. Wouldn’t that make you hot for cock, not his, mine.” Freja began walking and Lacy followed after Mistress after casting a long look at Gabriel who was by now walking in the opposite direction.

All the way home, Lacy contemplated her new circumstances between the spasms of lust. Wow, they’re both going to fuck each other and me. I wonder what will come of that. What if . . . no that couldn’t happen, could it? What if I begin to like Master Gabriel more than Mistress? How could I tell her that?

* * * *

In the afternoon the blue beach sky turned gray and that seemed to mirror the situation inside the girl’s beach house. Neither woman spoke much, but Freja wondered how attached Lacy might get to Gabriel and Lacy worried about what the result of being attracted to the ultra-confident male Dom might be.

When they sat down to supper Freja decided to try to feel her sub out. “Do you like him a lot, slave, or do you just lust for his cock?” It was sort of a trap question as Freja wasn’t going to like it either way Lacy answered.

“You mean Master Gabriel, Mistress?” Lacy questioned.

“Of course I do, what other cock have you sucked recently?” Freja couldn’t help letting some of her anxiety out.

“He’s different and I haven’t had much experience with men. I guess that makes him seem more attractive than he is.” Lacy was treading carefully knowing her Mistress was anxious about this subject.

“So right now he seems more attractive to you then me?” Freja’s voice was tense.

“No, Mistress, not more attractive, just different in an exciting way. Truthfully though, after we play and he fucks me, I’ll probably lose interest. I haven’t changed my mind about being with you. I love you, Mistress.” Lacy made the effort to put of a show of her devotion by slinking down out of her chair and kissing her Mistress’ feet to show her loyalty.

Lacy’s logical argument and her devotion made Freja reconsider and she decided Lacy was right. She would get over Gabriel after a good hard fucking.

“You’re probably right. I shouldn’t worry about this man thing. Let’s change the subject, what else can we discuss.” Freja sounded like her mind had been put at ease.

On the other hand, Lacy’s mind was in the turmoil of sexual arousal. Mistress had changed the batteries in the egg and it was still making her crazy to cum. “Could I ask a question, Mistress?”

“Certainly, what’s on your mind other than your obvious need?” Freja smiled slyly knowing how terribly horny Lacy was.

“Why did you want it? I mean you reached out for Gabriel’s cock. Did you like it too?” Lacy’s question was innocently asked, but it sparked thoughts in Freja she would rather not have had.

For a long moment Freja said nothing and Lacy wondered what was up with her Mistress until she finally seemed to come out of her deep thoughts. “Oh well, I guess I was a little interested. I mean he was impressive, right? Since we’ve been together I’ve mostly fucked submissive men so I guess, like you said, he was different.” Freja paused and then muttered. “Yes, very different.”

Lacy accepted the answer and didn’t probe deeper, but it sounded to her like it was just the tip of some lurking iceberg full of Freja’s feelings about men in general and Gabriel in specific.

* * * *

Gabriel was not late which surprised Freja because there was still lingering doubt in her that he would go through with this. He came in dressed in a white shirt and shorts, but without Freja having to say anything he stripped off.

“I’m playing this like you’re my Mistress too. I figure since this is your night you’d enjoy yourself more that way. I’m hoping you’ll extend me the same privilege tomorrow night.” He smiled, but Freja was instantly nervous.

The Swedish dominatrix hadn’t really considered this scenario when she proposed the challenge although she had to admit it was supremely logical. She had been thinking simply about sex not domination and submission. However despite the logic of Gabriel’s proposal there was something about it which made her terribly nervous. She didn’t really want to cede complete control to him, but if he was willing to cede control to her how could she refuse him the same privilege.

Freja adjusted her white latex halter top before she looked over toward Lacy. “I guess that’s alright, so I assume that means we can use bondage and punishment on each other. I must point out you have a lot more upper body strength than I do, so I’m a little unsure about allowing you to punish me. Plus poor Lacy isn’t use to being punished by the strength of a man.” Freja felt guilty about hiding behind Lacy, but her unreasonable fear of placing herself under Gabriel’s dominion made her do it.

Gabriel chuckled. “No problem, I have the perfect solution. Tomorrow night, I’ll use each of you to punish the other, if I deem you deserve it. There’s no danger if I never actually lift a finger.”

Gabriel’s solution stunned both women, but as with the last one it was intelligent and it would work. Freja looked at Lacy who looked back at her Mistress voicing no objection to this solution. I seemed she might end up punished by her slave.

“You mean Lacy would punish me?” Freja asked as if she hadn’t heard right.

Again Gabriel chuckled. “If you’re willing.” He paused and smiled. “She doesn’t hit too hard, does she?” His voice was clearly daring Freja to come up with another excuse not to play by the new parameters.

Freja realized this guy, this male from the gender she’d considered herself smarter than all her life, had indeed outmaneuvered her again. It became clear to Freja if she was who she thought she was she had to agree with Gabriel’s proposal. “Okay, sounds good and it should be fun.” Freja did her best to disguise her feeling of dread about tomorrow night perhaps because she didn’t fully understand why she felt that way.

“Great, then it’s done. Now would you have a collar for me? It would help me get in the mood.” Gabriel’s request surprised Freja, but it seemed genuine.

“Let me see. We might, but you might be better in a nice hood. It’s been a while since I’ve hooded a male slave.” Freja mused.

“If it pleases you to hood me, Mistress Freja, by all means do so.” Gabriel dipped his head obediently.

Freja took a minute to savor the words Mistress Freja coming from Gabriel’s lips before she turned to her own slave, the naked blonde standing behind her. “Escort your fellow slave to our cellar and let him remove your egg before you get him hard with your mouth. Neither of you have my permission to climax, but I’ll expect the egg to be removed and his cock to be erect when I come downstairs. Do you both understand?”

There were two “yes, Mistress” responses, one higher pitched and familiar while the other was a new lower baritone voice, but they were both music to Freja’s ears.

However when Lacy fully realized what her Mistress was asking her to do she became upset. “Did you say let him take it out! You mean I have to take his hand up inside me without coming.” Lacy was incredulous and she was sure that in her current state of arousal it couldn’t be done.

Before Freja could respond Gabriel did. “It will be okay, Lacy. We can do it. It just requires some discipline.”

Freja was a bit surprised at Gabriel’s response as she had indeed hoped it would cause her bitch to climax, giving her a perfect chance to punish her for such disobedience. She wondered if Gabriel truly could get the egg out without Lacy climaxing. “See, Lacy, he seems to know more of what you can do than you do. Alright then, off you go, I’ll be down there shortly.”

Lacy was embarrassed at her outburst as she considered herself the true submissive here. After all, she assumed Gabriel was just doing this so he could take control tomorrow night. Yet more and more she seemed astounded by Gabriel and his caring nature toward her. Never having had an emotional relationship with a man, she had always assumed they would be harder to please and a lot less caring about their female subs, but this didn’t seem to be the case with Gabriel. Unlike her Mistress, when Lacy thought about what tomorrow night would bring she was thrilled with the idea of being under Gabriel’s complete control. She wanted him to demand everything from her nubile body and she would willingly give it.

The one black spot for Lacy was what would happen beyond tomorrow night. What if I find I like being enslaved by a man more than what I have with Mistress? How do I tell her if she simply isn’t enough anymore?

While Freja went to the bedroom and gathered her strap-on, a white latex hood, and her flogger, Lacy and Gabriel went to the cellar to do what Lacy wanted, but dreaded.

“This is where we play when we get serious. I hope you like it.” Lacy offered as she turned on the cellar lights.

“Very nice. Can I assume you’ve been in all these?” Gabriel’s eyes scanned the cellar and immediately picked out the critical areas. There was an X-cross positioned against the far wall. Chains dangled from the ceiling in the center of the room and conveniently located under them was two shackle-like restraints for a sub’s feet. However the most interesting item was steel bar cage sitting atop a table so it was at a convenient height for copulation. As Gabriel’s eye examined it he saw it was designed to allow the sub’s head, hands, and the portion of the leg below the knee to stick out from the cage, but only so those extremities could be captured to hold the sub in a tight bondage.

“I have at one time or another.” Lacy answered.

“I’m willing to bet your Mistress fucks me in that.” Gabriel pointed to the unique cage.

“It wouldn’t surprise me, but may I ask you a question?” Lacy inquired.

“You may and you really don’t have to ask permission. Right now I’m Freja’s slave, just like you.” Gabriel turned to Lacy.

“Well . . . why? I mean why are you doing this? Is it just to get to fuck us tomorrow night? It does seem like a lot for an obviously dominant man to do.” Lacy was confused about Gabriel’s motivation and she was hoping to get more insight into the most interesting man she’d ever met.

“Well I won’t pretend I don’t want to fuck you and Freja because I very much do.” He winked at Lacy. “And I do have a plan for all this, but more than my plan this is me. You see when I started out exploring BDSM I was initially attracted to the submissive role because subs generally receive so much intense sexual pleasure, but when I finally exposed myself to dominance I realized it was my true calling. Yet even then I realized something else, my earlier experiences as a sub had helped me understand subs and I could use that as a Dom. Since a dominant’s main task is to make the experience all the submissive wants while enjoying it himself, I found my knowledge of how a sub feels invaluable. So I guess the bottom line is I’m not afraid to submit and I find I learn a lot when I do. Does that make any sense to you?” Gabriel reached out and touched Lacy’s belly tracing his finger across her smooth skin.

Lacy felt thrilled by his touch and was eager to show him. “Yes, yes it does, it makes a lot of sense.” She pushed his hand lower wanting him to touch her pussy. Gabriel’s explanation had only reinforced Lacy’s growing understanding of how much she wanted him to dominate her.

Gabriel’s fingers began to softly caress her intimate flesh and this reminded Lacy about the egg. “Ohh, the egg, how do you intend to get it out?” Lacy was more than anxious to feel Gabriel inside her even if it was only a single finger.

“I’ll carefully work a finger inside you without touching your clit, but then it’s up to you. You’ll need to push the egg down and out with your vaginal muscles enough so I can crook my finger around it and help it slide out. If we’re careful it should come out without you climaxing.” Gabriel’s fingers were even now slipping between Lacy’s labial lips into her all too wet slit, but somewhat to her disappointment, he was carefully avoiding her swollen clit.

Lacy made a sour face. “I wish I could come. It seems like I’ve been on the razor’s edge all day long.”

Gently Gabriel wormed his single digit inside Lacy. “No doubt you have and this must be a very heady experience for you considering your seeming lack of experience with men. Have you always been exclusive with Freja?”

Lacy gasped as Gabriel’s thick digit penetrated. “Oh yess, that feels so good, makes me want more.” Lacy let her hand brush Gabriel’s penis indicating it was the more she wanted. “I’ve played somewhat with the men Mistress played with, but they were always subs . . . not anything like you.” Lacy pressed closer to Gabriel’s hard body hoping to increase the penetration of his finger, but he was being obedient to their Mistress of the evening. “Oh my god, I don’t know about Mistress, but I can’t wait for tomorrow night.” Lacy clearly wanted tonight to be tomorrow night when Gabriel would be in charge and inside her.

“Okay, but it’s time to concentrate on the task at hand. Use your vaginal muscles to push the egg.” Gabriel’s mind seemed to be on the business of obedience to Freja and Lacy began to wonder if he did want her as much as she hoped he did. I can’t be imagining all this, can I?

Once Lacy concentrated and squeezed her inner muscles Gabriel easily got the end of his finger behind the egg and from there it was easy to slide it out of Lacy’s hot wet cunt. Both the egg and Gabriel’s finger felt slick with Lacy’s juices, but Gabriel had a good grip on it and he held it up, still vibrating, to her blue eyes. “It must provide some relief right, to have it out.”

Lacy seemed indecisive. Yes, it was no longer vibrating inside her, but that only left her feeling empty and unfulfilled making it easier to think of Gabriel’s cock replacing the egg. “I guess so, but shouldn’t I be getting to my job?”

Fluidly she went to her knees and kissed the head of his cock before looking up at him. “Until today, I would never have thought to do this, but now I want to so much. I want your cock in every hole I have. How could I have changed so much in just one day?”

Gabriel held her head as she swallowed him and he gently guided her as she willingly fucked her face on his shaft. Lacy seemed deeply engaged in what she was doing as if she was in her sub space where her mind was only concerned with pleasing her dominant, but Gabriel did answer her question in a soft whisper. “Yes, pretty bitch, you walked right through the door when I opened it for you, but what of your Mistress. Will she follow you?”

* * * *

“What are you, slave?” Freja screamed as she let her hips pound her strap-on into the caged Gabriel’s tight ass. She was finally were she wanted to be; fucking this haughty male who was too proud and all-too-smart for his own good. He had given her fits and starts all day and made her feel things she’d never felt before, but she was sure after he felt her female power up his ass his attitude and demeanor would be different, much different.

“I’m your bitch, Mistress Freja. I’m just your fuck bitch.” Gabriel’s words were uttered with passion which made Freja feel she had complete control and he had capitulated to her. Confined in the cage, Gabriel most regretted not having the use of his hands because he desperately wanted to stroke the engorged cock which hung helplessly between his legs. Barring that, he wished Lacy would be allowed to suck it again as she had earlier in the evening, but he doubted that would be allowed either. Freja had already whipped him, tormented his cock and balls with clothespins, and perhaps the most difficult of all she’d made him keep his cock in Lacy’s mouth while she’d fucked her female bitch ot orgasm; all without allowing Gabriel any release.

Having endured these challenges, Gabriel was relatively sure Mistress Freja had no intention of allowing him climactic release tonight.

“Yes, you are my bitch slave and you’re just like my other one except you won’t come on my cock tonight, will you? Where you jealous of her when she came? Perhaps you should have been. Remember only I decide who comes.” Freja was clearly in her element, enjoying her feminine dominance to the fullest extent. Right now, the uncertainty of tomorrow night was far from her mind.

Lacy stood naked in the center of the cellar with ankles chained to the floor and wrists chained high above her head. She been given a front row seat to watch as her Mistress fucked Gabriel, but she was sad because she had hoped for so much more. In her submissive imagination, Lacy had envisioned her body under Gabriel as Mistress fucked him so she could suck his cock and have it explode in her mouth allowing her to taste his seed for the first time.

However Freja hadn’t allowed this and now Lacy contemplated only one issue as she stood watching the man rape happen. How can I help him climax. What can I do to get Mistress to let him cum?

As the passionate fuck continued, Lacy also remembered with shameful guilt what had happened earlier when she’d had Mistress’ strap-on deep inside her. I wasn’t even thinking of her, not once. All I could do was imagine it was him inside me. It was true, despite the fact that Gabriel’s cock had been in her mouth then, Lacy had indeed imagined the impossible, that he was behind her fucking her pussy too. To her it had been as if Freja wasn’t even there. To contain the damage, Lacy had been telling herself it had only happened because Gabriel was new and different. Surely once she was alone with her Mistress again she would regain her desire for Freja’s dominance, wouldn’t she? Her excuses had seemed so weak when Freja had chained her in place she could barely look at Freja. Never had she felt so disloyal to her long-time lover.

Finally the intensity of the pleasure generated by the female end of the strap-on buried deep in Freja’s pussy became enough to force her climax. As the dominatrix was pushed over the edge, she wailed and writhed just as Lacy had, but there seemed there would be no pleasure tonight for Gabriel. Confined in the cage and hooded, Gabriel remained stoic saying nothing, but Lacy felt for him deeply. She was on the edge of anger at her Mistress as her mind desperately searched for some way to get Gabriel what he deserved.

Freja was just recovering from orgasm, coming back to her senses, when she squealed. “Oh, it isn’t fair. I have to remember to order one of those new models, the ones with the reservoir for fake semen. Any sub I fuck should be anointed with my cum on his face.” Freja’s regret instantly gave Lacy an idea.

“Mistress, may I have permission to stroke him off on his own face. It would be the ultimate act of submission to you.” Lacy hoped Gabriel wouldn’t be repelled by her idea, but with his open-mindedness she didn’t think he would.

The idea immediately appealed to Freja, just as Lacy had hoped it would. “Yes, a simply wonderful idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” Freja wondered why she hadn’t, but she was more than pleased Lacy had as it sort of soothed any misgiving she’d had earlier about Lacy becoming too attracted to Gabriel.

“Are you willing to let this happen, slave?” Freja realized the wrestling match which might ensue if Gabriel refused to allow the demeaning suggestion and she suspected that even combined with Lacy she would likely not win such a tussle.

Gabriel paused a moment and then responded in a semi-hesitant manner. “Tonight I am your slave, bound to grant your every desire, Mistress.”

Gabriel had sounded just hesitant enough to give Freja an instant thrill at the thought he didn’t really want to do it, but Lacy instantly wondered if he was doing a spot on acting job for Freja’s benefit. Lacy wasn’t completely sure his reluctance wasn’t genuine, but it felt that way to her.

Working quickly, Freja released Lacy so she could assist in getting Gabriel out of the cage and into position. Once he was freed of the cage, they removed his hood before they got him, with his assistance, into a position with his head, upper back, and shoulders on the floor and his lower back, butt, and legs ascending up the cellar wall. It was a high stress position for his back especially when Freja pulled his legs down and forward so his stiff cock was now pointed downward toward his handsome face. Freja knew she shouldn’t keep him in this position long, but she also knew she wouldn’t have to as his cock was primed, it would go off with a few stokes of Lacy’s hand.

While holding Gabriel’s legs so he did not fall, Freja positioned her head between them giving her a perfect view of his face. “Go ahead, slave, stroke the beast.”

Lacy smiled at Gabriel in hopes he was pleased with her effort on his behalf, but he didn’t smile back. She gripped his erection and stroked it slowly at first, but soon she increased her speed and the tightness of her grip.

Freja was all too right that it wouldn’t take long for Gabriel to spew his own seed all over his face and chest. As she looked down on the sight the dominatrix giggled. “What a perfect end to a wonderful night, a man with cum on his face. Now Lacy, you may lick it off, but not all of it. Share some with Gabriel so he can be a cum slut like you want to be.” Freja realized Gabriel need to get out of the difficult position and with Lacy’s help she lowered him back to the floor. Now Freja backed away to watch her two slaves lick cum.

Freja only watched a few minutes, just long enough to see Gabriel taste his seed, before she spoke to her slaves. “Going to bed now, I’ll expect you to show Gabriel out, slave, and then bring your tongue to me for a nightcap orgasm.” Freja turned to leave feeling on top of the world.

However Gabriel knew just the words which would bring the dominatrix back down to earth. “I hope you enjoyed this evening, Mistress Freja, as much as did and I hope you enjoy tomorrow night.” Gabriel’s words brought the specter of the second part of the deal to the forefront of Freja’s mind and she stopped suddenly which told Gabriel his tactics had been wholly successful.

“Ahhh . . . yes, I almost forgot. Of course I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.” Freja tried to speak the words with conviction, but it simply wasn’t there and both Gabriel and Lacy sensed it.

Freja left for the bedroom with no further words and Lacy continued with the job of cum removal. It felt wonderful to be alone with Gabriel if only for a short time. After he was cleaned she led him upstairs with her body nearly pasted to his and watched as he dressed to go. He kissed her, but after he did he pulled her naked body close to say something.

Lacy felt sure this was to be the moment he confessed his desire for her. She felt strongly he wanted her as his sub, but such a thing might put her in the terrible position of having to choose between Gabriel and Freja. If they couldn’t come to some agreement by which they shared her she would have to choose.

“Listen, Lacy, today, tonight, and especially tomorrow are going to be difficult for all of us with lots of emotion and desire clouding things up. I want you to understand my intention is not to hurt either you or your Mistress, but what happens truly must happen. I just want to warn you not to get too high or too low until things clear and you know the whole picture. Good night and I’ll see you later today.” Gabriel left quickly leaving Lacy feeling completely confused. Does he want me, or does he just want to play with us for a few nights. I feel like he does want me, but could I just be imagining it?

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