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Chasing Lacy Revised Version Part 1

Posted by jennifercampbell on May 16, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Freja sauntered along beside her lover as the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean lapped over their feet and the fading sun dappled over both their nude bodies. They often walked nude along this stretch of the private beach they lived on, but today it was impossible not to notice the difficulty Lacy was having. Her walk was halting as if something inside her body was making it hard to take even easy steps. A closer look would reveal she was breathing heavily as if she were running, but the truth was she was merely trying to control the internal struggle going on inside her body.

Both Freja and Lacy were almost exactly the same age with natural blonde hair and stunning blue eyes and they were both within millimeters of six feet tall, but while they were only born days apart the lovers were lucky to have found each other because they were born nearly half a world apart.

Lacy was a laid back Northern Cali girl, who grew up in a well-to-do family not far from this beach in Bayside, CA. It had been a storybook childhood for Lacy and by the time she was seventeen she had high school, straight A’s, and her loved sport volleyball wrapped around her finger. Of course as soon as Lacy’s breasts sprouted she’d had every cute boy imaginable chasing her, but boys were a conundrum for Lacy, but it did bothered Lacy that at a time when her girlfriends were discovering boys and the intricacies of sex and whispering about it, she seemed unsure.

Of course Lacy did have a clue what did interest her; girls, but it wasn’t that easy because all the girls she seemed to want were gaga over guys. She had to settle for showering with them after practice and going to parties where they would strip down to their panties or perhaps less and talk about sex. Of course the topic was mostly guys, and cocks, so Lacy dealt with some frustration when it came to touching another girl. She wondered when would she find a girl who would accept her sexual feelings and let her explore.

The other surprise in Lacy’s high school life was all her friends thought Lacy was destined for a big name college on a volleyball scholarship, but Lacy had other ideas. Staying near home and the lure of being the star of a team sounded good to Lacy so she applied to Columbia College, a small local college. Even though more prestigious universities which were within the grasp of her GPA and test score, Lacy wanted not only to be assured she’d play, but to be the star player of the Lady Claim Jumpers volleyball team. It all came true as she and she lead them to league titles the first three years she played there.

However in the preseason of her senior season, fate intruded when her team, despite their small school status, was invited to compete in an international tournament hosted by Stanford University.

Attending an international woman’s volleyball tournament was like laying out a banquet of slim, sexy young women for Lacy. She became distracted by so many athletic young women from so many different places with so many different looks and soon she found her mind was more on possible carnal relationships than it was on volleyball.

It didn’t take long, the very first day of practice, for Lacy to spot what could have been a reflection of herself. A blonde, blue-eyed goddess was practicing with her Swedish team on the very next court and Lacy couldn’t take her eyes off the girl. She noticed everything, including how the blonde was in complete control of her teammates. As Lacy watched the blonde confidently order her teammates about a thrill passed through her and she wondered. Would she take charge of me like that?

Of course as Lacy watched the Swedish team her performance for her own team suffered and it was Callie, a good friend and the team’s setter, who breeched the topic first.

“Lace, do you want to schedule another practice time? You seem really out of it. Maybe we should try to get a time when that Swedish team isn’t in the gym.” Callie and Lacy’s whole team was now staring at her.

“Sorry, I’ll get it together.” Lacy realized she had to concentrate on volleyball, but there was more on her mind. “But . . . like . . . what do you think of her.” Lacy knew they would know who she meant.

Christy, the libero whose long red hair was done up in a bun, said what Lacy wanted to hear. “What’s to think, she’s hot like you. You should go meet her after practice, but you gotta stay focused at practice.” Christy giggled and the whole team joined her, but Lacy’s mind shifted to another worry.

Wait, what if she doesn’t speak English? I don’t want to be asking her for a date through an interpreter. Lacy knew she didn’t speak Swedish, and the instructions the blonde goddess had been barking to her teammates had been in a foreign language so the worry was realistic.

Lacy took a few deep breaths to clear her head and she tried to ignore the blue spandex-clad Swedes in favor of her own team. The drills got heavy and Lacy practiced well having put the blonde out of her mind, but when practice was over there was a shock.

When Lacy looked to the sidelines there was the blonde seemingly waiting for her and a quick glance toward the locker room revealed the whole Swedish team watching their captain. Oh my god, does she know I was watching her?

Lacy felt stuck, like her feet couldn’t move, but thankfully the Swedish girl didn’t. She confidently walked out on the court as Lacy’s teammates also watched with more than passing interest.

Lacy watched her dream girl approach and she told herself. Come on, smile, act normal, and don’t say something stupid.

“Hi . . . I’m Lacy from the Columbia College team. Do you speak English?” Lacy held her breath hoping this budding romance wasn’t threatened by a language barrier.

“Yes, I studied it. My name is Freja. I noticed you were watching me and I wondered if there was somewhere local we could go to get to know each other. You’re very beautiful.” The Swedish girl smiled, but she showed no embarrassment.

Now Lacy let her eyes roam over the Freja’s body checking out her long, naturally flaxen hair and what seemed like a more than generous bust line held in place by a tight sports bra. Lacy’s eyes took in the tight spandex shorts covering the V of the Freja’s flaring hips.

“Freja, how beautiful and you are so beautiful. Ahh . . . well I’m sure there’s someplace we can go. I’m local, but not real local so I’ll have to check it out.” Lacy was eager to keep the conversation going.

“Okay, should I meet you here after I shower?” Freja seemed motivated to continue things too.

“Yah, great idea, say twenty minutes.” Lacy felt things were going well, but Freja wasn’t going to trust blind luck.

“May I ask you something?” Freja sounded ultra-serious.

“Sure, anything.” Lacy tried to sound cool, but the change in tone worried her.

“You like girls, right? I mean, how do you say, you are bisexual? I ask because I’m not looking for a pen pal. I want a girl to love and to love me.” Freja never batted an eyelash or showed any sign of nerves as she laid it on the line.

Wow, these Swedes really tell it like it is. I like her. Feeling wildly nervous, but deliciously excited, Lacy carefully chose her words. “Yes, Freja, I’m bisexual and I really think I want to be with you. The truth is, you’ve got me hanging on your every word.”

Suddenly there was a sly smile on Freja’s face and the Swedish blonde came very close. Slowly she reached out and took hold of the waistband of Lacy’s black spandex shorts. Pulling the band out, she slipped her fingers inside much to Lacy’s surprise. “You like when I take control, Lacy? Does letting me do as I please excite you?”

This was a situation unlike any Lacy had faced. She was nearly overwhelmed by the overt sensuality of Freya’s fingers inches from her pussy. Her mind had a hard time making sense of Freja’s words because the Swedish girl’s scent was in the air making her arousal leap up and pound at her brain. “Yes, Freja, it does. It really does. I think I’d like to explore that.”

Freja released the waistband and removed her fingers from inside Lacy’s shorts, but as a tease she let her fingers run up Lacy’s spandex-covered crotch very slowly. “Good girl, Freja likes you.”

Lacy sighed and softly moaned her need when Freja’s fingers broke contact with her spandex. “May I have more please?”

“Yes, after we shower, meet me here. We’ll go out to eat and then maybe . . .” Freja didn’t finish, she just turned and strutted toward the locker rooms.

Lacy’s eyes followed the blue spandex-clad ass across the courts as her mind tried to finish the sentence. You can come home with me.

Lacy had no idea what she’d just done, bridging the gap between fantasizing about submission to actually asking someone to do it to her. For her it was just natural, a pure extension of her needs to be dominated.

As Lacy turned toward the locker room she saw her teammates looking at her with awed faces. I wonder what they think. Maybe they think I’m a slut for letting her touch me that way. It doesn’t matter though. The only thing that matters is being with Freja and finding out why I want this so badly.

“Oh my god, girl, you are hardcore. I had no idea.” It was Christy, her eyes wide as saucers in awe of what Lacy had done.

“How did you find the courage to let a stranger do that to you?” Now Callie chipped in seemingly just as impressed as Christy was. There was a murmur of excitement from the other girls.

“Well, I’m not sure. I guess I just felt it. Maybe I’ve felt it all my life.” Lacy didn’t know it yet, but none of her teammates would think her a slut, in fact her status only grew in their eyes.

* * * *

Now, three and a half years later, as the two lovers walked along the beach Lacy knew how it had all turned out. Freja was now her Mistress and as they both walked naked down the beach slave Lacy whined to her Mistress.

“Mistress, please.” Lacy pleaded in a breathy voice. “I need permission to cum. The egg is driving me crazy.” The source of Lacy’s difficulty was a remote control vibrating egg which her Mistress had pushed deep in her vagina. Freja wore the remote on the only thing she wore, a thin gold chain dangling around her hips which sported a charm bejeweled with pink cubic zirconium spelling out the word bitch on it. She had purposefully let the remote dangle loosely from the chain so it was over her pussy. In this way every time she reached for it she would touch herself.

“Nonsense, I haven’t even turned it all the way up yet, slut. I told you we had to work on your stamina. As my slave you can’t be coming all the time and besides, you’ve taken it higher than this many times before.” With this comment, Freja reached down to the remote, turned it up from seven to nine, and ran her finger over her clit in a delicious circular motion.

“Ohhhh god, please, please, please. Let me cum.” Lacy staggered forward with her pussy fired with pure arousal. She needed release so bad she would do anything to secure her Mistress’ permission to climax.

“Hummm, I suppose I could lay you out on the sand and finger fuck your hole right here on the beach. No doubt a slut like you would love that.” Freja fixed her cool Scandinavian blues on her sub thinking how Lacy had changed from the somewhat unsure volleyball player she’d met at Stanford.

It was true, and Lacy knew it. She had long since given in to submitting in every way to Freja and now her sexually charged world revolved around serving her Mistress in every imaginable way.

“Yes, Mistress, fuck me in the sand . . . if you please, fuck me anywhere, but please let me. I . . . have to come.” Lacy’s breath was coming ragged now, interfering with her speech and her blue eyes were wild with unsatisfied need.

All this was music to Freja’s ears because it meant she had complete control. Lacy would do anything for relief. It was then Freja scanned the beach looking for any opportunity to play games with her sub. She saw a young man laying out on a blanket about fifty yards up the beach, but she thought it strange that she did not recognize him. As this was a private beach, he should be a neighbor and she knew all her neighbors. However he looked handsome and well-built so the thought of making Lacy climax in front of a complete stranger entered Freja’s kinky head. How deliciously humiliating it would be for her sub.

“Do you see the guy over there?” Freja asked her slave.

Lacy looked over at the guy. “Yes, Mistress.” Lacy had only limited experience with men, limited by Freja’s desires. During their time together Freja had invited a few select men to play with them. Twice they had been submissive men and Freja had taken a strap-on to them, but strangely they had more often been dominant men who Freja had let ravage Lacy under certain rules while she watched. Each experience with a dominant man had taught Lacy something of men, but more importantly Lacy had learned her Mistress thoroughly enjoyed watching her with dominant men yet she could not figure out why.

“I’m going to take you over there, introduce you to him, and you’ll follow my instructions to the letter. Do you understand?” Freja let her tone indicate this would be done unless for some reason Lacy spoke her safe word to stop it.

However incurring her safe word was perhaps the farthest thing from Lacy’s mind as her Mistress’ tone and words spiked her arousal to a new high. Oh god, Mistress is going to make me come for him. I know it.

“Yes, Mistress, as you say.” Lacy turned and began her halting walk toward where the guy was lying out.

Intentionally Freja stepped up their pace to a jog knowing the young man couldn’t help but notice the breasts of two nubile naked blondes running toward him. What guy would not be transfixed by such a sight?

“Hello, I haven’t seen you here before. You are aware this is a private beach, right? You must own property here to be here.” Freja first wanted to establish the stranger’s identity and in the process establish her authority.

“Really, well that’s quite interesting.” It was all he said as he looked them over.

Freja began to look him over and what she saw pleased her. Deep, soulful brown eyes mixed well with his wavy black hair, tanned skin, a flat stomach, good abdominal and upper arm musculature, and a shaved chest. He was wear board trunks in a maroon shade and as Freja evaluated he flashed a sexy smile at her. “So I assume you realize now you don’t belong here.”

The guy had turned from Freja to evaluate Lacy’s splendor. “No, not at all. Are you two sisters?”

Freja was sensing a slight annoyance at his cavalier attitude. “No, we are lovers. So am I to assume you are a guest of someone living in one of these homes?” Freja was feeling the pressure to make him respond to her authority, but she sensed he didn’t want to.

“You could assume that, if you wish. I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. My name is Gabriel and I’m not on the habit of conversing with naked women who don’t have the courtesy to introduce themselves.” Gabriel’s voice oozed self-confidence and now his eyes stared at Freja.

Freja was angry wondered who the hell this guy thought he was, but she realized she’d been outflanked at her own game and now she had to give her name as he had asked which was her recognizing his authority. “My name is Freja and this is my lover and submissive Lacy.”

Lacy dipped her head to Gabriel because she thought it best, but Freja noticed immediately how Gabriel’s eyes flickered at the mention of the word submissive. She couldn’t help but wonder, did he know the lifestyle, was he a Dom?

“Submissive you say. I assume you are her Mistress.” Gabriel laughed softly. “You two want to play, don’t you?” He looked straight at Freja as if daring her to deny his assumption.

This only added to Freja’s annoyance over not being able to control things from the beginning, but what could she do? Her options seemed to be withdrawal or admitting he was right and asking him to play. Freja was rarely indecisive and so it only too her a moment to decide she did want Gabriel to play with them. “Yes, your right, Gabriel, I would like to have you play with my bitch.”

Freja turned and grabbed hold of her sub’s arm bringing her closer up to Gabriel. “Why don’t you kneel, slave, and tell Gabriel of you problem. Perhaps you should show him your needy cunt and tell him why it’s so sopping wet.” Freja compelled Lacy to kneel a mere two feet from Gabriel’s face. “Spread those knees wide so he can see.”

Lacy complied and it made her arousal spike again. She was certain her heart would thump its way right out of her chest.

Gabriel took a moment to simply observe before he reached out and began to caress Lacy’s opened thighs moving closer and closer to her shaved pussy. “Do you like being a slave, Lacy? Do you serve your Mistress well?”

It was the way the word slave just rolled off Gabriel’s tongue that let Freja know he was in some way experienced in BDSM. She knew no vanilla guy would so easily ask such questions of her bitch. She had to admit, Gabriel was far more interesting than she’d expected.

“I . . . do like it. Mistress makes me feel . . . “ Lacy paused as she was unsure what to say, but Freja completed her sentence,

“Like the horny, little, slut slave she is. Spread those lips and show him how much you need cock.” Freja dipped down with the intention of pulling her slave’s labial lips apart to display her pink wetness, but Gabriel stopped her.

“No, you invited me to play with her didn’t you? If so, let me play as I see fit.” Gabriel’s tone was commanding and it cut right through Freja.

Freja’s first reaction was defensive and possessive. “She’s my slave. I’ll do as I please with her.”

“Okay, then find some idiot to play with. I suggest someone who has no idea what he’s doing. “ Gabriel turned away and lay face down on his blanket. “You’re blocking my sun.” He informed Freja.

The Swedish woman was incensed not believing the nerve of this man, but she had invited him to play and a look at Lacy’s big blue eyes told her the sub wanted Gabriel to play. However, there was also something else, a budding feeling inside Freja, one she did not yet understand.

“Alright, I’m sorry, do as you desire except I don’t want you to penetrate her, please.” Freja felt a little humiliated to use the word please as it appeared like she was begging a man which had always been distasteful to her.

“Apology accepted and I promise no penetration by me without your permission.” It seemed so easy a deal for Gabriel to make that Freja felt no thrill over making him do it. He seemed to want to.

Now Gabriel sat back up and turned his attention to Lacy. His hand went straight to her pussy where he simply rubbed feeling the wetness seeping out. “Oh yes, you’re quite wet, slave. Do you want to show me why you’re so needy. Go ahead, you know you want me to see.” Gabriel looked up at Freja.

“I have a rule for you. I won’t penetrate her, but if she actively penetrates herself on me, you allow it.” Gabriel smiled knowing he’d likely brought up a scenario Freja wouldn’t have considered.

Freja was taken aback and it didn’t take too long to realize she was dealing with a Dominant of at least equal ability to her own. She looked at her slave and the longing was still evident in Lacy’s eyes. How could she say no, after all she had started this whole thing. “Agreed, but she has to do it all.”

“Well, Lacy, it seems your Mistress really does care about you. Do you feel her love?” Gabriel laughed softly.

Lacy didn’t understand the subtle nuances of the two Dominant’s interactions. “Mistress does care for me, she always has.”

“I know, but you were about to show me something. Shall we get back to that?” Gabriel pushed Lacy back in the direction he wanted her to go in.

“Yes, alright, but may I, Mistress?” Lacy looked at Freja for permission to do what Gabriel wanted.

“Go ahead, slave, do as he asks.” Freja felt uncomfortably not in control of her slave despite having granted permission.

Lacy immediately leaned back and placed her left hand firmly on the sand while elevating her pussy by squatting on her feet. With her knees still spread wide, she snaked her right hand down to her pussy and slipped her fingers inside, but it didn’t stop there. Right now it looked like Lacy was about to masturbate, but she didn’t have permission for that.

First she pushed one finger and then quickly two, followed shortly by the third and then the fourth all pushing deeper in her wet sex sheath. Once the fourth was in, it was easy to tuck the thumb inside and push so Lacy’s whole hand disappeared into her sex. “Ohhhh god, please let me cum.”

“No, absolute not, do as you’ve been instructed, nothing more.” Gabriel was right on top of Lacy’s whining request to climax denying it before Freja had a chance to. Gabriel’s decisive denial made Freja’s arousal spike.

Having been denied what she truly wanted, Lacy went about the business of capturing the slippery egg and with her fingers and her vaginal muscles pushing it out of her hot. all-too-eager hole.

“Ahhh, the culprit, as I suspected.” Gabriel looked at Freja and spotted the remote dangling right in front to her pussy. He brazenly reached out much to Freja’s surprise and touched the remote to turn it for further examination. “I’ve never used one of these with a female sub. It’s good to see they produce such dramatic results.”

Lacy was holding the egg in her right hand offering it to Gabriel, but his attention was on Freja whose eyes were looking down at his hand so near her pussy. In a smooth motion, Gabriel released the remote, but let his hand brush lightly against Freja’s clit. The Swedish woman said nothing, but she enjoyed the touch.

“Give the egg to Mistress, slave, and then come over here. I have something for you.” Gabriel began pulling his trunks down.

Obediently, Lacy handed Freja the egg, but as she did she saw her Mistress’ eyes were glued to Gabriel. When she followed them she saw Gabriel’s exposed, partially erect penis. Oh god, he’s going to make me play with it, maybe suck it, and then. Lacy followed those actions to the conclusion she knew they would lead to. Is Mistress going to let me fuck myself on this cock? Lacy knew Mistress had given her permission for Lacy to actively penetrate herself, but what she wasn’t sure of was would she do it on her own. In the past, when dominant men had fucked her Mistress had instructed and controlled the sex every step of the way, but strangely Mistress seemed not in control when it came to Gabriel.

“Do you want to touch it, slave?” Gabriel’s question was pointed, demanding an answer from Lacy.

Lacy looked at Mistress, but Freja’s eyes were on the cock. “Yes, Master Gabriel, I do.” She had decided Gabriel deserved this title of respect.

“Then do so. Play with it freely. Do as your desire wills you to.” Gabriel’s words seemed to reverberate in Lacy’s head justifying her use of the title Master.

Lacy reached out and grasped the warm flesh which seemed to further solidify in her hand. It was large, thicker and longer than any cock she’d ever touched. Lacy began to slowly move her hand up and down, stoking the awakening monster.

Now, to Lacy’s utter surprise, Freja dropped her knees to the blanket beside Lacy. The Swedish woman reached out her hand moving it slowly toward the thing her eyes were fixed upon.

“What are you doing, Mistress Freja?” It was Gabriel, softly demanding an explanation for her actions.

“I want to touch it too.” Freja explained never taking her eyes off the prize.

“Have I broken your rule?” Gabriel asked as his hand intercepted Freja’s.

Sounding annoyed, Freja responded. “No, but I just want to touch it.” She tried to break Gabriel’s grip on her wrist but it was too strong.

“If you do this ends now. You need to respect that I’m playing with Lacy.” Gabriel instantly released Freja’s wrist to see if she would challenge him.

Freja stared at Gabriel, her eyes burning with the desire to do as she wished, but eventually she withdrew her hand and stood back up.

Lacy understood her Mistress had been put in her place and she felt partially responsible. She loved Freja and owed her for leading her into this hedonistic, sexual-charged lifestyle. Shouldn’t I be loyal now? Shouldn’t I refuse to touch him if Mistress can’t?

The answer came as she tried to pull her hand away and found she couldn’t. It was too big, too hard, too warm for her to let go of. She wanted his cock on a level she’d never felt before. Did she like it because he was letting her do as she pleased with it, or was it despite that?

Instead of pulling her hand away, Lacy leaned in and slipped out her tongue to taste the fat head of the cock.

“Does your slut suck cock often, Freja?” Gabriel asked smiling at Freja as he did.

Freja took a moment to respond. “She has sucked cock before, but they’ve been few and far between.” Freja seemed fascinated at the sight of Lacy taking more and more of Gabriel’s stiffness in her mouth.

“I hope you’re not upset by this, but it appears she wants more.” Gabriel laughed softly.

Freja said nothing, but watched intently.

“Does Mistress fuck you with a strap-on, slave?” Gabriel probed deeper and this got a rise out of Freja.

“I do and I fuck men too, so be careful.” Freja smiled at Gabriel feeling she finally had a one up on him.

“Oh, I see and I shall.” Gabriel returned his attention to Lacy who was by now sucking his cock quite passionately.

“Does Mistress fuck you good, slave? Do you feel no one else can fuck you like she does?” Gabriel asked.

Sensing the answer was important, not only to her and Gabriel but to Mistress, Lacy pulled off the fat wet cock and looked at Gabriel. “No one fucks me like Mistress. She is the best.”

“Outstanding, chalk one up for Mistress Freja.” Gabriel nodded to Freja. “But wait, has anyone else ever got the chance to try?”

Freja nearly exploded. “You bastard, how dare you insinuate!”

“Oh, methinks someone doth protest too much.” Gabriel stated before he began to laugh deeply.

Lacy could tell Mistress was furious and she got defensive of her relationship with Freja. She didn’t know why, but she thought she should defend her Mistress. “She is the best, better than you.” Lacy’s outburst brought the eyes of both dominants to her, which was an uncomfortable feeling.

Immediately she began to apologize. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Interesting, you have her believing it, Freja. Well done regardless of whether or not it’s true. All subs should believe in their Dom as deeply as she does.” Gabriel’s words were his first real compliment to Freja and she knew it.

“Do you really think you can do her better? That might be an interesting contest, if I allow it.” For Freja, the compliment had done just what Gabriel had intended; soften the blow but get Freja thinking if she truly was the best. She had after all never allowed Lacy to freely sample men without her controlling hand.

“Do I sense a contest coming? Are you sure you want to, I mean, aren’t I bigger than your strap-on?” Gabriel again began to softly laugh.

Freja was stunned and she wondered how Gabriel got cocky enough to willingly compare himself to a strap-on. Staring at his standing erection, she had to admit its length and girth was impressive, but it wasn’t bigger than her latex cock. It couldn’t be, could it?

Not wanting to appear freaked out, Freja joined in with Gabriel’s laughter, but she had a pointed question for him when he stopped. “What’s in it for me if I allow this contest?”

Gabriel never batted an eyelash before responding. “What do you want, name it?”

Freja took a moment for she was surprised at his willingness. Did she dare ask for what she was thinking?

“I suggest two nights of play on our home ground. The first night I get to fuck both of you as I desire. The second night you get to fuck both of us as you desire. Then Lacy can decide whose best with a cock.” Part of Freja didn’t believe she’d made this proposal and another part was sure Gabriel would quickly reject it, but a third part was hoping against the odds he’d say yes.

“Done, name the first night.” Gabriel’s decisiveness was stunning to both women, but both felt a surge of renewed arousal.

“Is tonight too early?” Freja asked as she licked her lips.

The listening Lacy was disappointed to a small degree because she understood this meant she wouldn’t get to climb on Gabriel’s cock right now when her sexual need was so great. She would have to wait for her ride. Still though, the contest sounded hot and it meant getting fucked by both Doms.

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