Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Annacia Comes Of Age

The Final Act

In the southern port city of Pontus Vindossia, in the Empire of Ranexx, a young Kaje (slave) comes of age to begin her education in the service of men. Unbeknownst to her trainers, Annacia holds the key to achieving the long foretold prophecy of the island nation of Erios, a land unknown to the men of the Empire. Annacia soon discovers she has special powers, but does a slave dare to use such powers to get herself all the way to the Imperial Palace to serve the Emperor?


At the same time Annacia is coming of age, Saturnia, a former slave of the Empire who escaped and rose to become High Priestess of Erios, launches a fleet of wind ships to bring her small, all-female army across the wide Cyclopean Sea. Saturnia hopes her army can do battle with the men of the Empire so she can somehow aide Annacia in her attempt to fulfill prophecy.


In a special mission, Callinda, a lovely Eriosian priestess, has agreed to penetrate the Empire’s borders disguised as a slave girl under the ownership of a former imperial guard named Maldar. Callinda knows from the beginning she is playing a dangerous game, but the longer she travels with Maldar as a naked, collared slave the more her desire to live this sublimely submissive life grows until one day when a chance meeting with Varius, Imperial slave trainer, caused her to lose control of her growing desires.


“Well, I am impressed. We have not seen a Kaje of your beauty in many seasons.” Severus, the school’s chief slave trainer suddenly peered over the stall door and smiled at what he saw. He instantly recognized this newcomer was of superior stock and had all the physical assets a pleasure slave needed.

“First, let’s get that filthy collar off you.” Opening the stall door, Severus reached down to undo the worn black leather collar on his new trainee’s neck. Tossing it aside, he asked her an important first question which would define her initial training. “What did they call you at the farm?”

“Annacia, Master.” She replied with seeming eagerness.

Severus nodded for this was good name. “Excellent, it’s a beautiful name. Beautiful enough for a pleasure slave so you may keep it.” The experienced Severus knew there was no logic applied to the naming of slaves at a slave farm and he often had to make his first action with a trainee to change her name. This of course added to the confusion and pressure of her first lessons and proved to often be a burden, but there was no choice. A pleasure slave who would be auctioned off for thousands of kraya must have a name which hinted at her beauty and was therefore appealing to the potential buyer.

Now Severus let his eyes critically tour Annacia’s body searching for imperfections or oddities which might have to be covered up else they detract from her eventual selling price. He found no imperfections, but instead he was delighted to see the toenails of her petite feet had been painted in a popular decorative pattern. This was not at all common for a Kaje who came from a common slave farm. “Who painted those for you?”

The question must have alarmed Annacia for Severus saw her green eyes flash up at him with a look of anxiety for just a second before her training took over and she averted her eyes back to the ground. “The farm overseer had one of the older women do it for me. He said it would make me look desirable, sir.”

“Look at me, slave. As a pleasure slave you will learn you need not look down all the time. Many Masters desire to see your beautiful eyes looking up at them with an eager anticipation to please.” Severus was correct and there was no time like the present to encourage this new trainee to break the habits of a lifetime and be willing to look up at him. This was just one of the many ways the rules were different for pleasure slaves as opposed to work or domestic slaves.

Happily Annacia looked up and smiled at Severus. “Yes, sir, as you wish.”

“Did you pay attention when this older slave painted your toes for you” Could you do it by yourself?” Severus knew the older slave who had painted the toes had once been a pleasure slave for no other kind of slave would be instructed or allowed to paint their toenails.

“She let me help her, sir.” Annacia confirmed before adding. “ And I think I could do it again.” Annacia’s positive tone clearly told Severus how eager she was to please him.

“Excellent, then you shall have the opportunity to show me when suns rise again.” Severus knelt to the floor and touched Annacia’s painted toes before letting his hand run up her tiny feet to her thin, alabaster calves. He savored the smoothness of her young skin.

“Open your legs for me.” Severus commanded when his hand reached her knees. Annacia instantly complied by parting her sleek young thighs to fully expose her sex. With time, Severus knew her thighs would take on a more accentuated, womanly shape, but right now their girlish youth would drive buyers crazy to possess her. If she could be trained quickly, the price she brought might be amazing.

Focusing on her smooth pubis, Severus reached out touch the skin to confirm what his eyes saw. “You have also been instructed how to shave yourself!” He remarked as he felt her bare sex lips. At the saw time he noted her reaction to his touch of her intimate area; she did not shy away from him as some Kaje might have, but rather she seemed to welcome  the penetration of his fingers as she inhaled sharply. Severus knew the best pleasure slaves were those who enjoyed their sexual duties and constantly encouraged their Master to use them freely.

Severus quickly found Annacia’s prominent clit and he stimulated it just to see her reaction. Seemingly unafraid, the Kaje pushed her crotch forward as if hoping for more of his intimate touch.

“Did the farm overseer do this to you, to prepare you?” Severus knew Kaje were supposed to come to the school as virgins, but this rule was often ignored especially when the slave was as beautiful as Annacia. In her case Severus the farm overseer, or perhaps the owner had used her body for their personal enjoyment.

“Yes, sir, he prepared me . . . in many ways.” Annacia seemed a reluctant to elaborate further making Severus instantly suspect she had been warned not to speak of her early sexual use.

“Do not be afraid for you will never go back there. You’ll never see him again. Tell me everything he did to prepare you.” Severus let his fingers play with Annacia’s moist sex lips to heighten her arousal and perhaps ease her fears.

“He put his manhood inside me several times, sir. He said many men would use me and it was best for me to be ready for the penetration.” Annacia’s voice now had a breathy quality to it betraying her arousal.

“Did you like having his manhood inside you, slave?” Severus let two of his fingers penetrate her and he began to move them in and out to replicate the motion of a cock fucking her.

“It hurt the first time, but after that . . . yes, sir, I did enjoy it.” Annacia confirmed what Severus suspected; she was already sexually experienced and she apparently enjoyed the activity which would become her craft. To Severus this was good news.

Leaving the overseer’s actions behind, Severus let his hand leave Annacia’s sex to slide up her flat belly to inspect what was her most amazing feature.

“These are most impressive, for a Kaje of your age.” Severus observed as he took the generous mounds of Annacia’s breasts in his hands.

With his hands firmly planted on Annacia’s stunning breasts, Severus began to understand her true potential. Here was a slave who was destined to serve some great and powerful man, perhaps the Emperor himself.

These firm mountains of flesh topped with puffy, fat nipples were most unlike what Kaje her age possessed. Squeezing the fleshy handfuls, Severus heard Annacia moan which told him they were incredibly sensitive, as if they were sex organs all by themselves. He understood it would be the same for painful sensations and Annacia would suffer exquisitely if her nipples were captured by the tight clamps of a nipple leash. Such was the nature of sexual service for these highly sexed female slaves..

“What of your mouth? Have you had a cock in there?” Severus questioned as he kneaded her breasts.

“Yes, Master, each time the overseer penetrated me he had me suck deeply on his manhood. He said it was a slave’s duty to prepare her Master’s cock.” Annacia replied.

Severus was not surprised by her answer, but still it increased his level of anticipation. “Then you know how to pleasure a cock with your mouth and you’ve tasted men’s seed?”    

“Yes, Master, may this slave taste your seed?” Without waiting for instruction or permission, Annacia rose enough to rub her face against his crotch. This was the tradition way pleasure slaves were trained to silently ask to suck their Master’s cock.

What could Severus say to such a obeisant request? “Alright then, please me with your mouth.” Severus pulsed with excitement for in all his seasons of training slaves he had never encouraged a Kaje to suck cock on her first day of training. Normally trainees would be given wooden or ivory dildos of increasing size to practice on before being asked to pleasure live flesh, but Severus instinctively knew Annacia was different from any slave he’d ever trained before.

“Yes, Master, as you wish.” Annacia’s soft feminine hands went to work freeing Severus’ flaccid organ from his robes. Her touch felt exquisitely soft and she showed no hesitation in using her tongue to lick his head, shaft, and eventually his balls. Then she took his length into her mouth and to his surprise she exhibited even more skills, rolling her tongue over and under his shaft while sucking.

Severus was always thinking as a trainer and he was most pleased by her willingness to please without being forced. In most cases, Kaje or other young slaves were not skilled enough to provide pleasure without having the male take control of their heads and literally fuck their faces.

“How did you learn this, slave? Did someone instruct you?” Severus had to ask about her impressive skills.

Annacia ran her lips all the way up his shaft and made the popping sound when her lips finally lost contact with his fat cock head. “No, Master, I learned to watch as the older slaves gave pleasure.” Wasting no more time, Annacia’s mouth swallowed Severus’ cock to its hilt.

Severus groaned with pleasure, but in his head he understood this too was unusual. Unlike most immature girls, who looked away when they saw an older slave pleasuring a male, Annacia had somehow understood she needed to learn this and so she had watched closely and learned. Why would an immature female do such a thing unless she already had a deep desire to please a Master?

His impending climax brought Severus’ thoughts back to the here and now focusing on Annacia. “You have done well and I will climax soon, but you must be sure to swallow every drop of my seed. You must learn your Master’s seed is a precious gift to you and it is disrespectful of him if you waste it. Do you understand?”

Annacia green eyes sparkled and gave him a slight nod without ever stopping her continuous worshipping of his cock.

“Oooohh . . . by the Four . . . you have made me erupt!” Severus exclaimed as his orgasm came and he spewed his seed in this new Kaje’s mouth.

Annacia pushed her head forward and she gagged slightly, but not one drop of semen escaped her mouth. Severus watched as she swallowed his seed with the contented look he’d only ever seen on the faces of pleasure slaves who had a passion for their work.

He reached down to caress her red hair and for the first time he considered if perhaps the old legends were true. Was red the color of passion and did all women who possessed this rare genetic trait have an infinite desire for sex? Severus understood these legends about red-haired slaves being prized as true submissives dedicated to giving pleasure would only increase Annacia’s value at auction.

“Did this slave please you, Master?” Annacia’s green eyes looked up at Severus seeking his approval.

Severus reached down and stroked the soft, fire-colored hair. “Yes, you did and I suspect you may eventually please an Emperor, little one.”

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