Obedience is not understood until tested. Submission is not pure until proven.

Allison's Training Blurb and Excerpt



Allison’s Training is a sublime tale of the submission, pony training, and self discovery of a young woman. Self-absorbed Allison is concerned with losing her handsome boyfriend, Nick, as they have just had a serious fight about an outfit she frivolously wanted to buy. However hope is seen in some amazing make-up sex, and Nick’s invitation to spend the weekend at his family’s horse farm in the wilds of Maine. A former college equestrian, Allison is thrilled by the prospect of romance and a chance to get back in the saddle again. On the ride up from Portland, Nick initiates a game of erotic dominance, but Allison is at first unsure she wants to play as this is a marked change in Nick’s behavior toward her. Finally she gives into her lust, and the desire to see what is going on with him and plays, to be rewarded with an amazing orgasm. Yet as they arrive at the farm, things are not as Allison imagined as she is immediately seized and stripped by three hunky farmhands. Unsure of her fate, Allison watches in her bra and panties as Nick gives instructions to his cousin Owen, the farm manager, which will change Allison’s life forever. Will Allison have the inner strength and courage to survive and grow from her training at Laughlin Farm?


He placed her hand on his crotch, making a show of doing it. Then he returned her smile and spoke, his raven hair and hazel eyes melting her. “Well, I guess it does, but it’s nothing you need worry about. I’ve decided to make some changes, in my handling of our relationship, which I know will make it better. They will be gradual, giving you a chance to evaluate and adjust, so don’t worry.” Pausing, he reached down to her hand, still resting quietly on his crotch. He took hold of her hand and rubbed it over his manhood, and she could feel him hardening under his denim. “Take my cock out, touch it, lean over and smell it, then take the head in your mouth. Do it exactly as I have said, Allison.”

Normally, Nick called her Ally, or Al, but the tone of his ‘Allison’ reminded her of her father’s stern discipline, which she had run away from at seventeen. He sounds like dad, but different, sending pulses through my pussy. I want to do as he says, but usually I only do as I desire. She did not say anything, as she could not think of what to say, but her hand moved, disengaging from his.

Undoing the buttons of his Levis, she fished into and under his boxers for the stiff organ she had been told to fetch. Not completely believing her actions, she pulled the flesh rod out, touching and rubbing it all over as instructed.

Nick was not huge, a respectable seven inches maybe, but his girth was filling. Thinking how his thickness had filled her pussy last night, she wrapped her fingers around it. Yes, this is my cock, it has always serviced me well, but aren’t I servicing it now? How did that happen?

“Allison, don’t tarry in your work, do as you have been told.” His voice, firm and commanding, left little doubt what he wanted. She must put her nose to his shaft and smell it.

It’s degrading, humiliating, and not something I usually do for him. In fact, I rarely suck him, as I prefer to give him hand jobs. Perhaps, that has been a mistake on my part, but to smell it, like I’m a bitch in heat.

            Considering everything in a few moments, including the seeming wetness in her silk panties, she still could find no compelling reason to refuse him. Do I want to do this?

            Pushing her torso sideways, she slipped her face into his lap. Pressing nostrils to warm man flesh, she breathed in deeply, taking the musky essence of his sex into her lungs. She had no previous experience with smelling cock, so she had no frame of reference to judge whether his erection smell good or not. At least, the smell has my pussy juicing, and my arousal throbbing. I’m going to suck it for him. I want to and he will love it.

            Impulsively, like Thursday’s outfit, she pushed her face up and took his cockhead into her warm, wet mouth. Briefly sucking it, she gave it a tongue swirl, a technique she hadn’t used since college, and then pushed it deeper into her throat.

            “No, Allison, stop. I said put the head in your mouth, nothing more.” He used his free hand to grab her blonde locks and pull her throat off his phallus.

            What the hell? He doesn’t want me to blow him. What’s this all about? Shaking her head, to free her hair, she gave him an angry look.

“But. . . I thought . . . don’t you want. What is this game?” Frustrated, she saw him put his finger to his lips in a quieting motion.

            “Don’t ask questions, just play, you’ll see. Sit back in your seat, Allison, and spread your legs.” Touching her breasts, as if they were her arm or shoulder, he pushed her back in her seat.

            “Why should I. Is this game all about you?” She regretted the question as soon as it came out, as it was her bitchy self-absorption in full swing.

            “No. Allison, it is not, in fact, it’s all about you. You should because you want to.” His words were curt, as if he didn’t care if she did or didn’t play, and it was all her loss if she did not. He looked back at the road, paying no attention to her, his hard cock still jutting out from his jeans.

            I want the cock alright. We’re all alone here driving through this wilderness, so what’s my issue with spreading for him. He’s getting kinky, and I like it, so I guess he’s right, I do want to.

            “Okay, I’ll play, sorry to be bitchy.” Clearly she saw his eyes never left the road, not even glancing at her or acknowledging her apology. I get it, he’s going to be mad, until I actually spread, then he’ll talk, and more, I hope.

            Saying nothing, she hiked her skirt up and spread wide, displaying light-blue silk panties covering her throbbing pussy. Moving her hand to touch the silk, she almost got there.

            “No, not until I say to.” His words made her jump to their authority and she involuntarily jerked her hand away. Wait a minute, it’s my pussy, and I can touch it if I please. Her hand moved again toward the silk, but again came Nick’s voice.

            “Touch it now, and this all ends. I go back to being the Old Nick, so easy to control, and you never find out if this change I’m making is for the better. Do you want that?” His voice was not commanding this time, just honest telling her she should think before she leapt.

            No, I do not want that. I want this to go on, to follow where it leads. Not sure why, but I know I am thrilled, more than ever before.

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